1964 Visit to Denmark — 8 Comments

  1. OMG, I remember that trip well. Apart from the brewery, the elephant symbol and the reverse ‘swastika’ inlaid in the atrium floor, I also remember the giant red slugs in the palace gardens and us all getting badly sunburned. Pealing off strips of skin and disposing of them in the sink in the bedroom and Mr Cutting going round putting iodine on us all ….. Ouch!
    Bernie Steel

  2. Can you name any of the lads in the photo, Bernie.
    Tony Gocke

  3. Grief – I was there and I still have the little Mayfield folder we used to get for the trip, and some old photos some where. The hotel was amazing and I vividly remember the red slugs and the long straight path to the lake shore. It was my last trip before finishing my O levels, and the first two days I had German measles and stayed in bed in a little annexe the hotel had. I also remember falling out with Mr Weetch who went on to become a labour MP – so no wonder – fond memories. I so remember the brewery!

  4. I was also on the Denmark trip. It was my first time abroad and I remember the boat to Ostend and the long train journey. Like others I remember the red slugs and the walk to the lake, as well as the hotel. I also remember the small shop that sold hotdogs near the entrance to the Royal Palace in Friedensburgh.
    Other memories are the brewery and the day at the sea.
    I have photos somewhere of the day at the beach. I remember us burying the three teachers up to their necks. I think it was Mr Weetch, Mr Cutting and Mr Summers.
    Unfortunately, I also remember the horror of a young lad, I think he was Austrian and was on holiday with his mum, being given mouth to mouth to try and revive him on the beach after being pulled from the sea. I seem to remember being told he had died. Above all I remember a hysterical mother. It was not the kind of memory to bring back.
    A year later I also went on the school trip to Germany. I think each trip cost around £30 to £35. It doesn’t sound a lot now, but it was probably two weeks wages for an adult at the time.

  5. Another member of the party

    The orange and black slugs, the brewery, Tivoli, the trip to Sweden, burying the staff, the ‘Viking’ museum, even the visit to the graveyard etc. etc. its all still quite clear. After reading these posts I had a look on street view, now that was a bit of a surprise. The hotel and the area around is largely unchanged.
    I remember walking up towards the palace and taking the first turning on the right which lead past a few shops. I bought some biscuits from a rather natty glass fronted vending machine built into the shop front of a grocer. Later told off by Mr Summers as it might appear ungrateful to the hotel management that we felt inclined to supplement our diet in this way.
    The shop and vending machine appear to have gone. I also bought a combination lock for my bike. The lock bolted to the bike adjacent to the rear brake. Most bikes over there seemed to be equipped with them though I had never seen the like in the UK. There is still a bike shop in what appears to be the same location but beyond this either everything changes or I never walked beyond this point.
    That said, I do remember walking through a wooded area, with Roger Chapman and others, that appeared at the time to being prepared for development. The area beyond it is now an extensive commercial town centre. Can anyone confirm if this has all this been bolted on to what was once a modest town with a few hotels and shops, or was it there when we visited?

  6. Hi Tony, bit of a late reply! No, sorry, can’t recall the names of any of those in the photo. Malcolm Straight’s comment about the rescue attempt brings back a vague memory of witnessing that same incident. I remember the standing wave that seemed to follow the ferry between Sweden and Denmark during the crossing.

  7. I seem to recall that there was a dance organised and everyone was very awkward, the benefits of attending a Boys school. I made friends too with a local lad, forget his name and he came with us to the Tivoli Gardens in Copenhagen when we visited there, it was my first time on a big dipper!! The steam trains were also quite impressive in Germany too.

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