1964/65 Division 2 Football Team — 4 Comments

  1. Hi Phil
    Hope you’re ok. Keep meaning to give you a ring but have lost your number yet again! Hope Karen and the boys are good I think you must have been 60 in December. I was in November, went to Ron Oliver’s sixtieth last night and you know how it is, you kind of get all sentimental about the years that have passed where did it all go? Looking at these pictures on the old Mayfield site brings back fond memories of when we were just little boys. I find it all quite sad really. Drop me a line if you can it would be great to hear from you
    All the very best
    Russell Volkert

  2. Hi Russell, great to hear from you. I look at this site about once a year couldn’t believe I had a message. Yes turned the big 60 on Christmass day. I remember yours Guy Fawks day right. All is good this end both boys live in Alberta (next Province over) Jamie is married with one daughter, runs 3 Mcdonalds stores in Edmonton. Gary single, plumbing in Calgary. Karen is on facebook so we will message you in case you don’t get this right away.
    Cheers Phil Burgh

  3. Hi Phil – Not been on this website for a couple of years. It would be great to have a reunion with everyone past the big 60 this year too. Now a granddad. I remember Ronald Oliver. I remember you on a cross country run stopping half way for a quick fag hope you are well.
    All the best Dave Smith

  4. Hi Phil my name is Colin Haydon yes I am in the team photo in between Steve Yelland and Long but my name is Colin Haydon also the top R/h pic next to Mr. Thomas is Bobby Stiff they were the good old days look forward to hearing from you Regards Colin

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