1964/65 Football Team Division Two — 5 Comments

  1. I Recognise a couple in the middle row. From the left:
    Ray Windle (he was a big lad, could grow a beard when he was in second year), Malcolm Staight, Paul Sutton and I think the big guy in the middle of the row may a chap called Pete Geary, not 100% sure though.

  2. Hi All

    Think I can name all but one of the team but may not spell the names right. The Goalie was from Cyprus so I know I wont get his right.
    Back left Sid Perkins then Micky Taylor who changed his name to Micky Perrira mum must have remarried, Will Carrington, Christo Dyoleddess. Next 2 already named, Paul Marshall and Mr Archer.
    Middle row L to r Ray Windle, myself Malcolm Staight, Colin Paxton, Paul Sutton and Steven Kingaby
    Front Left John Barham, sorry dont know the other one sitting.
    Never understood why Mick Melaniphy wasn’t in the team in goal.

  3. This may sound unbelievable but I have no recollection of playing football at Mayfield and never even knew we had a football team. I joined Mayfield in 4E2 aged 14 in 1962 and left in 1964. Had I been aware I would have asked for a game, having played as a winger in a previous school. I also don’t know any of the lads pictured on the team, as I don’t recall any of them being in 5E2 in 1964. Oh well!

  4. Well done Malcolm for remembering the names. I must have been the smallest in the team. I’m just under 6ft now, so they must be giants.

  5. Just looking through the pictures and noticed in the 1967 Prefects autographs is the correct spelling of the goalkeeper from Cyprus who I listed as ‘Christo Dyoleddess’. It should be ‘A. Christodoulides’.