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  1. It’s appropriate that Malcolm has posted this. I’m sure he is too modest to refer to this but….I was watching the match behind the goal Mayfield were attacking in the second half with a group of school mates. One of these, Stephen Kingerby, like me and Malcolm, had been to Chadwell Primary. Malcolm’s contribution to the match was that of a trouper on the wing. Significant but no more worthy than anyone else. Stephen was animated throughout the match, especially when his old primary school friend was on the ball. Buy the time the match finished, in spectacular fashion for Mayfield, Stephen could contain his emotions no more. In his enthusiasm he managed to rally all those around him to invade the pitch and chair Malcolm in a victory parade. In his defence and in deference to his other team mates, I have to say that Malcolm appeared completely bemused by these events.
    John Maloney

  2. Hi John
    Thanks for the nice words it brought back great memories. In 2014 it will be 50 years ago. In the goal mouth action picture I’m trying to get to the ball but the defender cleared it. Behind me is Paul Sutton and to my left is Mark Tate. I spoke to Paul on the Phone about 3 years ago, he lives in Maldon Essex, and I had an email from our keeper Dave McCauley about the same time. I met up with Norman Rhodes, our junior school left back, about 4 years ago and had a meal with him and his wife and my wife at the Moby Dick. You mention Stepen Kinaby, I remember him living in Cannon Ave and you lived near Christopher Bynes half way down Brian Road. Also I met up with my junior school third year teacher Mrs. Joyce Shaw and regularly speak to her on the phone. You must have been in her class as well. Regarding the football team’s 50th anniversary in 2014, I wonder if we could arrange a reunion through Mayfield Memories. Might be a good idea, and perhaps get a few supporters as well. I hope the passing years have been good for you. I live in Egham Surrey, 5 min off the M25 Junction 13. If you or any of our old school mates are ever this way please drop in.
    Malcolm Staight

  3. That’s a quick response Malcolm.

    Your memory is accurate to every detail. 50 years, yes it is worth marking in some way. I see Steve is on Friends Reunited. Guest of honour I should think.

    Think on and keep in touch if you want to take this further

    Best wishes, john

  4. Hi All
    Just thought I would add a little info on the match. The previous year I think Mayfield also won this trophy with the final at Cricklefields between Mayfield and Ilford County High school.
    Re the 1964 final; I had been in and out of the team and, with no subs in those days, wasn’t certain to make the final although I’d played in a really tough semi final. A few days before the game we had a team meeting in Mr. Skinners woodwork room with him at lunchtime. I was delighted to get the nod over David Neil for the final. I, of course, thought it was the right selection and I think most of the team did too. As you can imagine David wasn’t too happy as it meant a lot to all of us to be in the final. Martin Wheeler was given the role of man to man marking Beal’s Alfie Moss, who had already played for England School Boys and later signed for Man City but didn’t make the grade.
    On the night it took us some time to settle and we were 2 down in no time at all. Martin had a bad first 10 min against Moss who scored, but by the end of the half it was two each and Martin had nullified Moss. In the second half we pressed hard and fully deserved our victory. I still have my medal from the game and would love to meet up with any of the team or supporters. On a personal note my younger brother Gary was there supporting Beal as he was at school there. However, I think his support was only due to his Beal school mates pressure and he was really delighted that Mayfield had won.
    Malcolm Staight

  5. Hi to all Ex Mayfield pupils. As from April I will be retired and it will give me a year to try and trace down members of the team for a 50 year get together if possible, and anyone who was at the match. If anyone knows the where abouts of any of the team, Mr Skinner or any of the supporters please contact me through the website.
    Malcolm Staight

  6. Hi Malcolm

    My brother in law is Mark Tate. He is well and living in Suffolk if you want to get in touch with him I can speak to him for you.

    Regards Dave Smith

  7. Hi David

    Would love to contact Mark and hopefully he might be in contact with other members of the team. I have had limited contact with two other team members over the last 5 years. Please contact Mark for me. I live in Egham, Surrey. If we can achieve some kind of reunion for 50 years on it would be great to hear how all have done.


  8. Hi Pat
    Its a long time since I heard that nickname and I have no idea of how it came about unless, as I think, he was the only member of the team who wore glasses. Maybe a classmate, as I wasn’t in his class or from his junior school, could enlighten us – or even Micky himself.
    I thought I should use this space to say a little about some of the members of the team and hope others can add to it. As yet I haven’t heard anything from Mark Tate.
    Dave McCauley was our goalkeeper and also the Ilford District team keeper. Like me he went to Chadwell Primary and we both played for Chadwell as 3rd and 4th year pupils. Dave lived in Blackbush Ave and his house backed on to St Chads Park. About 6 or 7 years ago we got in touch with each other. He was in Florida and had a place there. He said he had worked in the Market trade across East London and I think he said Romford Market was one of them. For a time I think this was with George Baines and Bernard Smith both Mayfield boys mentioned on this site.
    Colin Webb played at right full back and he lived at 20 Inverclyde Gardens and also played at Chadwell. I am pretty sure we both went to the final at Ilfords ground by Bus together as we lived close to each other.
    The 4th member of the team who went to Chadwell was Paul Sutton. Paul lived in the High Road right opposite Chadwell Infants school. Paul was a year younger than the rest of the team which highlights what a good player he was. Paul lives in Maldon Essex and I have spoken to him on the phone. After we both left school we played against each other a few times in the Ilford and District League, and a few times in the same team. If I remember right, one season he was playing for Old Clarks and I was playing for Borough United.
    The first game was the maddest game I ever played in as we won 12-0, yet it was a totally even game. I doubt we had more than 12 shots on target. When we meet a few weeks later it was a nil nil draw which summed up how even the teams were.
    Hope someone else has something to add.

  9. As football sides go, that was the best side ever for Mayfield. I remember your scorching pace, something I always tried to emulate when I played in senior football.

  10. Hi Pat
    Thanks for the praise but I would say my heading and left foot were the downside. On the plus, as you say, was my speed. Trouble is I now have a replacement knee as I kept playing into my forties. You on the other hand were a great gymnast and brilliant cross country runner.
    Re the team being so good, I think the fact that Dave McCauley, Geoff Hopkins, Paul Cane and Mark Tate all played in the Ilford District team (and Micky Davies should have) says it all.
    Great to hear from you, what are you doing these days?

  11. Hi Malcom, I thought of you as I wrote this for obvious reasons and thought it might not only refresh the memory but also give you a larff.
    It’s the end of the season and perhaps this loose connection is the reason I began to think about the Football Teams supported by people in my class. Thinking through the names I could remember I quickly realised that many in my class had no real interest in Soccer. I would estimate that well under 50% were interested enough to follow a team at all and of those fewer still would ever consider attending matches occasionally, let alone regularly. The class was divided into those that were considered to be streetwise football people and those that couldn’t give a monkeys. This recollection took me back to Primary School.
    From time to time, or maybe every time, I found myself sitting on the same table at lunchtime as Malcolm Staight, Colin Webb, Stephen Kingerby and a two or three others that have become obscured by time. I do not recall if we had any choice where we sat or whether we were directed to the same table every day. While we waited for the food to be served, more often than not we played this game:
    Around the table, in turn, each person was expected to name a football team beginning with A, then B, C and so forth. The table was composed of those that had recognised football nouse and those that had none. At that time I fell into the latter category. Malcolm, Colin and Stephen into the former.
    Malcolm always started because his pre-eminent football nouse justified this entitlement.
    So it would start…..Arsenal….. Not too hard.
    At that time, I did not have a TV at home, however my father did the pools regularly and at 6pm every Saturday night he would check the results on Sports Report on the Light Programme. Despite the fact that football or sport in general had not attracted any of my attention at that time the dulcet tones of John Webster reciting the results filtered into my consciousness. I absorbed the sound of all these strange sounding names from across the four divisions of the Football League and two more from Scotland.
    When it came to my turn I would offer Accrington Stanley or maybe Arbroth because of the way they sounded. Those with football nouse were quick to correct me that no such team existed. So it goes. Football nouse counted for a great deal in these matters. When we got to X, Colin Webb offered Cyril spelt Xcyril apparently. Obviously with a silent X. Colin had football nouse so it had to be true. From that time on whenever we got to X and whoever’s turn it was would look embarrassingly at the floor and recite ‘Xcyril’ and everyone would acknowledge that this was the only team beginning with X in the entire world. So we would quickly move on to Y. Yeovil I would offer. No! there is no such team.
    Back to the original theme, I thought I would attempt to create the beginning of a list which would place those classmates I can remember against the team [or teams] they followed. I can’t be sure how accurate this list is but hopefully others may feel inclined to add to or correct it and thus build a more comprehensive record. Perhaps Tony could create an official Mayfield Memories section so this could be extended universally?
    So in a roughly alphabetical order:
    Andrew Anderson – Wolves [I’m guessing has never seen them or for that matter anyone else play]
    Stuart Anderson – Ilford FC [I believe Stuart was a regular spectator and held Alfie Christmas in high esteem]
    Norman Brown – Arsenal [We often travelled to Highbury together or otherwise I got the 251 Eastern National bus to Broad Lane Tottenham then a local bus to Finsbury Park and walked through to the ground – 2 bob in the school boys enclosure – imagine that!]
    Michael Lees – West Ham
    Keith Larke – West Ham
    Dave Wheatley – West Ham
    Martin Wheeler – West Ham
    Paul Sloane – no interest in football whatsoever but liked the sound of the word Wolves.
    XColin Webb – West Ham
    XClive Schraple – West Ham
    Stephen Kingerby – West Ham though styled himself after Jimmy Greaves by hogging the goal line
    Malcolm Staight – Spurs?
    Dave MaCauley – Chelsea
    Gavin Smethurst – Man U
    Mark Tate – Blackburn Rovers
    Graham Ritchie – Man U, Stoke and Dagenham, and that’s depinit!

  12. Hi John
    I thought i had a good memory but yours is well special. However You have got me totally wrong i support the gunners. You have linked me with The scum Spurs.
    However Geoff Hopkins was Spurs and his and my name were draw out for the 2 tickets to the FA Cup final because of Mayfields affiliation to the FA. The Final was between Spurs and Chelsea. So as an Arsenal supporter i had to go to the cup final and support Spurs with Geof. The fact i didnt like Tommy Doherty the
    Chelsea manager softened the blow. So i guess thats why you may think i supported Spurs.
    Paul Cane was West Ham and Dave McCauley was as you said a Chelsea
    Most were West Ham. When i did my FA coaches course i found myself putting my boots on and thought the guy changing next to me had big thighs bigger than my waist. When he lifted his head it was Trevor Brooking.
    A number of Ex West Ham players were on the course and its not until you started doing work on the field you realized just how much better they were than you.
    i was about 24 and one of the Ex WH players cant remember his name was really helpful to me and showed me how he read which way i turned why i received the ball. He said you clearly have never been coached and was just wasted talent.
    So when i started coaching swimming as a living i absorbed info like a sponge. It led me to be a GB swimming coach at three European Champs and 1 World Championships.
    Its not until you are in the company of the best you really learn.
    John we must meet up some time. about 7 years ago both me and my wife meet up with Norman Rhodes and his wife. Great memories
    Prehaps later in the year if you are up for it. I live in Egham Surrey where do you live ?

  13. Hi Malcolm

    Blimey! I am so sorry, I could not have got it more wrong. An appalling insult.
    I will be thinking of you on Saturday. I should really be feeling a bit more excited about Mr Wenger’s day out in Wembley but there you are. He’s been around for far too long.
    I saw a couple of cup finals at Wembley in the 60’s but none since. Man Ugh and Leicester City when Frank McLintock still played for them and Sheffield Wednesday and Everton. Did manage to see Arsenal in one cup final, went along with Norman Brown, another Gooner – the League Cup in 68 when Jack Charlton pulled his usual stunt from a corner and took out the goal keeper. A swift elbow in the side of Jim Furnells head left the goal wide open for Terry Cooper to punt the ball home. One nil to Leeds. They closed up shop for the rest of the match. George Graham was playing for Arsenal that day. Makes me wonder if that was the inspiration for his managerial tactics.
    I thought your experience in the world of coaching really insightful. I guess it’s the same in all sectors, it’s not until you are out there that you discover the limitations of your background. Something that the Bullingdon Club never have to confront.
    Yes it would be good to meet up. I suggested the same to Norman Rhodes ages ago [maybe he is a Spurs supporter, though I have a sneaking suspicion that it was Man Ugh!] – how the time just slips away. And yes I live near Diss on the Norfolk Suffolk border.
    By the way, did you ever manage to track down enough people for the reunion of the team of ’65?
    Just read through the back posts again and – Martin Wheeler another West Ham supporter I believe along with Paul Sutton. Is there any end to this?

  14. Could you please pass on to John my email and my home phone number.


  15. Hi Malcolm, great to read the thread about the school soccer team. Paul Cane, Mick Davies and me were all invited to Leyton Orient for a trial. Paul, not surprisingly made it to their Colts team I think, whereas Mick and me didn’t, obviously. I was, for a time, understudy to Dave McAuley and once in the fourth year was a regular. I’m not sure what happened to Dave for that to happen, but he was a fine goalkeeper as I recall.
    I now live in SW France but, if you are arranging a 2024 reunion I would be interested in attending. I hope all those mentioned are still with us and in good health.

  16. HI Sid, remember you well. It would be great to meet up with other team members but apart from Paul Sutton and Dave McCauley, who I have briefly had contact with a number of years ago, the other eight I have no idea where they are. I know Paul Sutton lives in Maldon Essex and Dave was away in the USA when we made contact. I live in Egham Surrey and if anyone has contact with any of the team it would be great to hear.

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