1965 Alan Westall — 5 Comments

  1. Nice one of the boys, and nope I don’t feel a day to old….:)

  2. Alan Westall – about bloody time time you joined Mayfield Memories! Cheers – Chris.

  3. To Colin Thompson

    Hi Colin, do you recall you and I were in the 1963 House Drama competition with Shivering Shocks. I was Kysh the cockney manservant.

    Alan Thompson 5E4 1963/64

  4. To Alan Thompson
    Hi Alan,
    I do recall being in the House Drama competition but whilst I remember your name unfortunately I can’t put a face to it. I do remember what fun it was and couldn’t stop laughing while doing it. Nice to see you’re still going strong and appreciate you getting in touch. I wish there were reunions for our 1965 year but you never know.
    Thanks once again – Colin.

  5. Hi Colin
    Thanks for getting in touch. I do appear somewhere on the Mayfield website, I have changed “a little” since 1963. Now Dad and Step dad and granddad three times over, I am just beginning to feel my age! If we could find Jeff Lewis perhaps we could revive Shivering Shocks..I’m sure Glyn Summers would be delighted!
    All the best from sunny North Norfolk.
    Alan Thompson

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