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  1. Hi Barbara
    Am not sure if we were in the same class but I have all my reports. I left in 1965 to go onto Beal Grammar. I loved sports so was in a lot of the school teams along with Cheryl Morgan and Eileen Brazier. I live in Spain now have done for eleven years and love it.
    Regards Penny

  2. Hi Penny do not recall your name but the name Eileen Brazier rings a bell. So you live in Spain. My husband and I retired to Spain in 2004 but sold up and came back in 2011 as I wanted to be with family but we had a wonderful 8 years out there but for us it was England again and now travelling to so many different countries. Good to hear from you.

  3. Hi Penny the brain cells have now started working, yes I do remember your name now I am not sure if we were in the same class. Anyway how is life in Espana – muy bien. There were reasons we returned ourselves mainly family ailing parents and we returned in December 2011 to be with my father who as nearly 99 and my mum nearly 92 who was in a nursing home. Anyway only back four weeks but still had the casa in Spain and my Dad passed away and then just under 3 months later lost my Mum, it was awful. I then said to Bruce my husband I would prefer to live back here. We had travelled extensively in Spain, driving and flying and I just felt I wanted to be back with family, so put the casa on the market and low and behold got a buyer bit of a shock. We at first thought to keep it as a holiday home but it was a fairly big property and we felt we did not want the upkeep as well as by that time having a house back in England so we sold and for us no regrets. Whereabouts do you live in Spain. Regards Barbara.

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