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  1. Hi Christine I have not long joined the Mayfield Memories site and see your name in 1965. Trust all is well with you and would love to hear from you. Barbara.

  2. Hi Barbara. I am well thank you and hope you are too. I think you were the first person to tell me about the Beatles! I have never forgotten that. We were standing in a line waiting to “march” out of the classroom and you asked me if I had ever heard of them. I thought it was such a strange name to give a group and had no idea how big they would get. I have 4 children, 4 Grandchildren now. I am a Director of my own company, which is surprising seeing I was told at school I would never amount to anything! What is your news? Chris.

  3. Hi Christine lovely to get a response from you. Do you have an email address where I can respond to you or can you email me at so its a bit more private. Hope to hear via that. Barbara.

  4. I was very quiet and a bit of a loner while at school. My favourite teacher was Miss Hudson. Do you remember Linda Booth?

  5. Hi Christine
    I do not know if you remember me but I was, and still am, friends with Linda Booth – now Clements. I live in Torquay with my second husband Barry. Would love to hear from you.

  6. Hi Christine. I remember your name but not your face, could you point out who you are in the panorama photo on this website. I remember most of the faces in those photos. I live in Ferndown, Dorset so not too far from you really. Devon is just across the border! I am married to a Rhodesian who is from Dutch heritage hence my surname de Jong. I have 4 children, and 5 Grandchildren so far. I own my own company hence I still work. I am still friends with Sandra Cuthbert the twin. Do you remember her? She came to stay with me a few weeks ago for a short holiday. Are you working or retired now?

  7. Hi Chrissie, good to hear from you. I married Mark Tate who I met at the school leavers dance in 1967, we have now been married for 41+, we have two daughters and two grandchildren. I have been a teaching assistant in a primary school for over twenty years now and have decided to finish working life at the end of October and enjoy arts and crafts which I have not had time for. I remember Sandra, also a Barbara Watson. I have lived in Suffolk most of my married life and in the same cottage for 37+years.

  8. Hi Chrissie, I do remember Barbara Watson, she had short black hair I think. A nice girl. I have an Aunt who has lived in Suffolk for many, many years too, in Covehithe in a long cottage with a thatched roof. Her surname is Waddington, in case you have met any Waddingtons in your travels. I envy you retiring. I also love art, although not crafts as much, but I do like sewing. I love to draw and paint. I am also planning to write a book and maybe a few of them so would love to retire but, unfortunately, not for a few years yet. Can you look on the photo and point yourself out to me?

  9. I had a look and have not found myself yet, there are no photos of myself when I was younger so I might be hard to find.

    (If you were at Mayfield in 1962 you may be on the Panorama photo of the whole school. Click HERE to view it and follow the instructions to enlarge each section – Ed)

  10. Perhaps you were off that day! 🙂 I remember wanting to be off every day! Especially at double Maths and double Science. 🙂

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