1965 Mayfield Girls — 8 Comments

  1. Hi Christine Ward. I think I went to school with you, also Christine Shearwood and Lily Jennings. I was there from 1963 to 1966. I moved to cornwall, but am on Mayfield Girls page. Regards Linda.

  2. Although some of the names I have forgotten I recognise all the faces. I have some pics of a trip to Remagen Germany some of the same people, will have to scan them.

  3. Hi Linda. I remember a Linda Bills, also Dorothy Brown, and there was another Sheila ?. Amazing how the names start coming back as you think about it and look at pictures. Unfortunately I haven’t got any photos of the Remagen trip any more.

  4. Hi christine. I was there with Christine Moore and Shelia Forsberg. The last class I was in was Mrs Robbs. I left before the trip to Remegagen. I also remember Janet Messinger, Linda Booth and Jean Evealeigh. But time and age do tricks to your memory ha ha. I have an autograph book with names in and will search it out. Also remember Barbara Watson and I hear from Lily Jennings, also Christine Sherwood. Oh! just remembered Jackie Spratt. Hope to hear from you sometime, Linda xxx

  5. Hi Linda. Barbara Watson is my older sister and she is not on Facebook unfortunately. It was Jackie Pratt who you remember, she is on Facebook as is Jackie Sutton who moved to Maldon in Essex last year from Chadwell Heath.

  6. Hi I left Mayfield in 1965 but recall your name Christine. I left when I was 15 as had a job to go to so did not stay on. My maiden name was ALLUM. Don’t know if you remember me. What are the ages of the girls in the photos. Barbara.

  7. Hi
    I left Mayfield in 1967 and remember a couple of faces in the photo. Teachers names I recall are Miss Webster, Miss Mendum, Miss Hudson and Miss Gobby, who was Deputy Head. Friends I knew were Linda Perry, Ann Wise, Barbara Schubert, Susan Kitchener, Sandra Bowls and many others.

  8. Oh my goodness those teachers names brought back so many memories . I left Mayfield in 1968 and I often think of the girls I went to school with.

    Hi Jean – I have added your name to the 1968 Girls School Pupil List – Tony Gocke

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