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  1. I remember the Dunlop slipper well! Was it the Gymnastic Club in Ilford that met on wendesdays? If so then I spent a few months with you guys there. Unfortunately I was never quite as good as you 🙂

  2. Malcolm,
    Yes it was in Ilford, although I can’t remember the name off the hall. We also used to go on Fridays as well, myself and Jimmy Waters. You must have been in the Mayfield team too. I remember a few names, Sid Smith, Jimmy Waters, Brian Bowman, Ian Thomson and a bloke who used to clown about and get a good laugh from the crowd when we did exhibitions, sadly I cant remember his name. Great to hear from you hope you are well.
    Regards Pat

  3. Hi Pat, did you live in Padnall Court and play football for Accra then drink in the Billet. I don’t know if you remember me, I lived a couple of doors away from Andy Cunningham in Billet Road.

  4. Hi Paul,
    Yes I did live in Padnall Court, no 56. I did briefly play football there but I think the team was called Marks Gate. I don’t think I played for Accra, but I did play against them when I was playing for a team in Dagenham. Andy was playing as was John Green and Billy Newman in goal, remember them? I was never a regular in The Billet although years later I would have a drink or two with my Dad. Good to hear from you.
    Regards Pat

  5. Hi Pat thanks for replying. I thought it was you, I remember you playing football but didn’t know who for. If I remember right you were good at running and always did well in the school cross country race up at Hainault Forest. I mainly played football and cricket for the school. I remember playing football over the green next to Padnall Court about 20 a side. Padnall Court against the rest of the Marks Gate estate, normally with Andy who shone out. See Andy on the rare occasion and his sister who lives with Alan Hammond. Spoke to Roy Tyzack who is trying to arrange a Mayfield reunion for next year. Maybe we might meet up there. Have also spoken to a John Addis who was in my class. I hope to meet up with other members of my class. Keep well and best wishes Paul.

  6. Hi Paul,
    Just to let you know, John Addis often arranges reunions and have been attended by Paul Sutton, John Stevenson, Doug Ward, Geoff Carter (Old Bealonian from Sommerville Road), Peter Heed and myself. So it might be worth having a word with him too. Paul, Doug, and John are also on FaceBook if your interested. What a great place the park was, masses of us playing football with jumpers as goal posts. Oh and the odd punch up.
    Regards Pat

  7. Hi Pat
    Yes John told me about your reunions up the A12 at Boreham. I live in Stratford near the Olympic Park and near the station so can get a train. I suppose to Hatfield Peverel, then a taxi to the pub. Would be good to see the old faces and talk about old times. Some of the names I remember, some not so sure, so look forward to it. Cheers Paul.

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