1965 Penny Hutchins — 5 Comments

  1. Penny,

    Yes I remember the trip. I also have pictures. I remember the endless walks, and the “strange” food. I also remember buying lots of rolls of Polo’s for the trip.

    Jacki Terry

  2. Hi Penny
    I was unable to go on the Germany trip as I had glandular fever and my friend Janet Martin also didn’t go as she had been in hospital having her appendix out at that time. I remember the trip to Wales though when I believe we were in the second year. Among the the teachers who came with us were Miss Davies and Mrs Summers. I remember going to one of your birthday parties, I believe your dad was in the police force. Not sure that you will remember me as I wasn’t good at sports so not in any of the teams. Remember Sheila in the hockey photo, but cannot remember if her surname was Turner.

  3. Hi Frances
    Yes I do remember you from school, we were friends I remember that. The trip to Wales is a vague memory. I think there were bunk beds and if I am right I was going out with a boy called Fred. I have some pics of the German trip, maybe if I can get them on here you might recognise and give some names. I live in Spain now with my husband. We have been here for eleven years and love it. It would be nice to keep in touch.
    Regards Penny

  4. Hi Penny
    Yes I remember the trip well. I’m not sure if any of my photos have survived unfortunately but I will have a good look. Sheila’s surname was Turner. I have a photo taken of some of us on 22 July 1965 and will try and scan it successfully and place on the site.

  5. Hi Christine was good to hear from you. I am coming to the UK on Thursday for 10 days, but when I get back will scan the photos I have of the trip to Germany. If my memory is not playing tricks on me I have one of you giving me a piggy back. I remember we had a good time.

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