1965 Prefects — 8 Comments

  1. In this photo I am 4th from the right in the front row. Who are the other ones though? I was surprised to be made Prefect in 1964/5. Do we know anything up to date about Mr. Hicks?
    Julian Sadowski

  2. I had a brief contact with Mr. Hicks son a few years ago but learned little other than he had died some years before.
    Tony Gocke

  3. Greetings Julian, further to your enquiry of the other characters in the above photo they are as follows:- second row back from the right; Malcolm Tugwood, Dereck Senior, Robert Paton, over your right shoulder is Maurice Bloomburg. Third row, from the left second person in is Stuart Vallis and sixth from the right is Clive Neale. Sorry can’t help any more.
    Dereck Senior

  4. Hi Dereck, not sure if you remember me but we used to be mates back then. I’m sitting next to you in the photo of the prefects. I hope life has treated you well, would be great to hear from you, take care.
    Rob Paton

  5. Greetings Rob, those were certainly the days when everything seemed very easy, as the old cliche goes. If we knew then what we know now we would of worked a lot harder. Back to the present how are you doing? For myself I feel I have been very fortunate in various jobs I have done. Realizing we are all shortly due to retire, we again enter a different phase of life. Look forward to hearing from you.
    All the best Dereck Senior

  6. Hi Dereck, good to hear from you after so many years. I hope you are well and glad to hear that life has been good to you. It’s true what you say, we would have worked harder if only we had known what the future was holding in store for us. They were good days that we had, and a lot of fun together, are you in touch with any of the old gang? I moved to Cornwall when I was very young and lived there for many years before remarrying and moving up to the lake district. Although I lost touch I never forgot you or my old mates. I still come back to visit Chadwell Heath now and again, it would be great if we could ever arrange to meet up once again. Keep in touch mate and hope to hear from you soon.
    All the best Rob

  7. Hello Rob, I am also pleased to hear from you, but I have lost contact with everyone except Martin Howells and with his wife Hazel. We have remained very good friends. Having worked in London for over 24 years I now reside in West Sussex. I agree with your suggestion, it would be very interesting to meet up again sometime. All the best.
    Dereck Senior

  8. Hello from Oregon. I’m 7th from the left, second row from back. I’ve forgotten a lot of names but the person on the far left, standing, is John Holland. Fron row, second from the left is Keith Mortimer. Also second row from back, 4th from right is John Drake I believe; and same row, 2nd from right is John Frankland. Julian — is that you in the front row?
    Mick Church

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