Mayfield Magazine 1966, Issue 28 — 1 Comment

  1. My recollection of Mayfield School was some good and some bad. I enjoyed being the milk monitor and drinking up the spare bottles of milk that were left after morning break. I also enjoyed singing in the school choir. I especially liked private singing lessons in the lunch-hour with Miss Rose, who would help me practice music that I would be singing the following Sunday in church. I enjoyed RE with “little” Miss Davis and Miss Webster. The bad bits were that I was bullied a lot during my years at Mayfield, and I couldn’t wait to leave. I was sad at leaving friends that I had grown up with, but there is a lot that made me very unhappy. Years later I was diagnosed with Dyslexia – something which in the 50s/60’s wasn’t heard of, and I was labelled a lazy child who could do better. I never made it to my dream profession as a Doctor or Nurse, I spent most of my working life in administration or office work of one sort or another. I left school without any exams behind me at all, and took my first GCE in English in 1983 – passed with a grade A, since then I have gone on to get a BA degree with the Open University in 2000.

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