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  1. Please wish George Baines well for me. I am pleased to hear he is still working the markets. As a butterfly swimmer his sister, Pat, was always a hero for me and training with George made me swim better. I am ex- Ilford County High for girls and my lifelong love of Cornwall has seen me teaching geography there and partaking of many sea swimming sessions.

  2. Hi Sue

    I remember watching you swim when I watched my brother Paul swim for Ilford SC. If you want to email me at – – I am sure George wouldn’t mind me giving you his phone number.

  3. Great to read this. I lived in Brian Road , Chadwell Heath and new both George Baines and your brother Paul very well. We were all strong swimmers together with Ilford SC ( I transferred there from Sans Egal sc) I was back stroke champion at the time Paul was butterfly champion. I remember being set against George’s sister Pat in an ‘unoficial’ back stroke race in a gala in London, but can’t recall the name of the venue. The race result was declared a tie. Best regards to you all
    Trevor Lewis

  4. Hi Trevor
    If you swam at Sans Egal you may remember Ian Newell a Loxford School Boy and I am sorry to say he past away a couple of months ago.
    Ian Was Head Coach at Shiverers Swimming club for over 20 years and a good friend and rival swimming coach. He produced a number of GB international swimmers. Most notable was Karen Pickering who Ian coached in her teenage years before she moved to Ipswich and went on to win the 200 freestyle at Commonwealth Games.
    My brother Paul had a good career as a Coach, Coaching Peter Morris to 4th Place on the 200 Butterfly at the 1980 Olympics before moving to coach in Saudi Arabia, Australia and New Zealad.

  5. Does anyone remember the name of the coach at Ilford Swimming baths?

  6. Hi Ron
    In charge of schools swimming at Ilford baths and Head coach at Ilford swimming club in the 1950s and early 1960s was Cyril Laxton. He then moved to what by the late 1960s became the North East London Poly in Longbridge Road in charge of swimming there. Derek Spratt shortly afterwards became Head Coach of the club but i am not sure who became Head schools teacher. I do know a Mrs Jefferies shortly afterwards was teaching the schools.
    Seven Kings SC was Coached by Harold Fox and Sans Egal i think was a Mr Alvaries. Sorry if spelt wrong.
    Cyril himself was a good diver and i believe he coached an Anne Long onto the Olympic diving team. He most certainly Coached Peter Head on to the 1952 Olympic team and Elizabeth Long on to the 1964 Olympic Team. He was also for some time Pat Baines coach who was also an international and sister of George Baines who is mentioned a fair bit on this site.
    I hope that helps

  7. Hi Malcolm, I have just come across your posts on this site after about 16 years. Glad to hear that you are still doing well and still a little involved in coaching.
    I don’t know if you are aware but the sad news is George Baines passed away last year from cancer, which he had been fighting for some time. He worked the markets until the end helped by his son John who still lives in the house in Bedfords Park.
    All the best
    Dave Macaulay.

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