1966 Malcolm Staight — 2 Comments

  1. Hello Malcolm. Yes I am the younger Brother ALLAN of Michael Booth that lived at 149. Sadly my brother passed away two years ago of prostrate cancer. It was a surreal time as he was the first sibling to pass away. Elaine is doing well and living in Stanford Le hope still. Linda Moved to the Wirral back in the 70’s and I moved to Sheffield to do my BA’s MA and Phd. Still in Sheffield but had moved all over the world from time to time always to return to Sheffield.

  2. Hi Allan

    Really sorry to hear about Michael and will let my brother Paul know.
    I remember catching my first ever fish on rod and line when I went fishing with both of them on the River Lea as was occasionally allowed to tag along with them.
    Remember your family well memories of your dad returning from work always covered in building material as I seem to remember he was a plasterer.
    Anyway sorry to hear the sad news Malcolm

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