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  1. Hi Malcolm remember the name think we went to Chadwell Heath and Mayfield at the same time and possibly played football together. I played football with Paul Sutton but not as good as him and cricket at both schools. Saw the name Peter Holland remember that name as well. I was in 1A2 upto 5E2 leaving 1967. Been in contact with Bernard Steele and John Addis through Facebook plus Pat Lavery. Hope you are well as I am at the moment. Good to see old names on here, only just found the site. Keep well Paul Conley.

  2. Hi Paul
    I was a year in front of you at school but Paul Sutton played in the Chadwell school team alongside the likes of Dave McCauley,Terry Gale, Colin Webb, Norman Rhodes, Alec North, Graham Marshall and myself. Paul lived in small house that faced the Chadwell Infants School. I remember his older brother used to watch all our games. I seem to remember that he took a picture of the team at one match now that would bring back memories.
    Paul lives in Maldon and I spoke to him on the phone three or four years ago. I also well remember John Addis and Pat Lavery. Pat was an outstanding distance runner and gymnast as documented on this site. Also Peter Holland lived, like me, in Brian Road. Likewise I remember your name but nothing more. Hope time has served you well. It’s a shock when you see some of your fellow pupils are no longer with you.

  3. Hi Malcolm thanks for the reply. Yes I remember most of the names. Saw Dave McCauley years ago in the Cedars Club Chadwell Heath were he and his Dad were members, as me and my Dad were. Spoke to Terry Gale on Facebook, he lives in Collier Row. Paul is on Facebook as well and in contact with John Addis and a few others who meet up for drink and chat near Kelvedon Hatch. Speak later Paul.

  4. Hello mate. Seems a long time since we spoke in the swimming pool in Lanzarote how are you and your family. I would love to hear from some of my classmates from 4b. Brian bowman, Martin Rolfe, Billy Parsons and so on. Do your brothers remember them? Look me up on FaceBook.

  5. Hi Derek
    For all the Mayfield Memories members, 10 days ago, on the last day of my holiday in Lanzarote I got chatting to Derek in the pool. It was then we found out we had both gone to the same junior and secondary schools and were both members of this site. Derek remembered many of the fellow pupils I knew and vise versa. He lived in Hall Road, Chadwell Heath, and I walked past his house for the six years at the infant and junior schools. It was a shame we didn’t realize our common background until so late in my holiday.

    As you are about 3 years younger than me, Derek, I wondered if you knew people like John and Christopher Barham who lived in Brian Road or Peter Gardener who lived off Donald Drive, I think in Tendering Way.

    My older brother, Paul, is 3 years older than me so unlikely to remember your mates. My younger brother, Gary, is 3 years younger than me and was the black sheep of the family. Having passed his 11 plus he went to Beal so would only remember Chadwell pupils.

    Gary still lives in Chadell Heath in Jarrow road and was for over 20 years a Liberal Democrat Councillor for Chadwell until he decided to give it up 4 years ago. He has a Russian wife and his daughter attends a music academy in Russia and plays all the classical music on the Grand Piano. Not my scene but she is very good. I have only met her once when she visited the UK at about 7 or 8 to play in a few concerts over here.

    Keep in touch – Malcolm
    PS – Off to South Wales today to do 2 days Shark fishing off the south coast of Ireland.

  6. Malcom, I used to live at 137 Brian Road and was good friends with your brother Paul, We used to go riding on our Honda 50’s. Many a day was spent in the road, playing football or hockey on skates. With George Baines, Chris Amos, John and Chris Barham and Barry Wood. Went past there a few years ago to see there was no way any games could be played due to the amount of traffic. Anyway it’s so nice to catch up with memories. I’ve been in touch with Paul, awhile ago, and gather he is based in Adelaide. My brother Alan is in Melbourne. It’s good to see Mayfield Memories is very active and rekindling old acquaintances. I currently live in Devon, on Dartmoor and retired from dairy farming. So now enjoying the good life.
    Best wishes,

  7. Hi John
    Remember you well you also had a sister Jean and your parents were Scottish. Your dad used to drink in the Hawbush pub if I remember right. I also seem to remember your house was broken in to at night and your mum was sleeping downstairs can’t remember what happened next.
    My younger brother Gary still lives in Chadwell Heath in Jarrow road on a corner house with, I think its, Bishops Ave. My parents were among the last of the original householders in our little bit of Brian Road. Mum passed away in 2006.
    As you say my brother lives down under and is still, at 67, coaching swimming at the Playford Aquatics swimming club. But he’s decided this year to ease back and look at retirement. He has two grown up children. His oldest is a policeman and his daughter, Kerry, is a TV presenter on the ABC channel for a programme called Landline. She travels all over Australia doing farming stories like our countryfile. We saw her shown on the BBC, on Boxing day last year, when she was covering a story on plagues of mice affecting farms. As you are retired from that field may be worth ‘Googling’ her and you would be able to view some of her work.
    Re: the names you mention, what great memories. Met Barry Wood about 10 years ago but havent been in touch with any of the others for years.
    I retired last year as swimming coach at Amersham swimming club but my replacement has now moved on so I am covering as Head Coach for the next 2 months until new coach appointed.
    Keep in touch I live in Egham Surrey close to Junction 13 on the M25.

  8. Hi Malcolm. It has been some time since I last commented here. I have had three operations since we came back home from Lanzarote and the most recent was a cardiac double bypass. But I’m doing well and back at work on light duites. Such a shame no one comes on here who I knew at Hall Road, Chadwell Heath Infants/Juniors or Mayfield. But, hey, thats how it goes. Hope this finds you well and still doing your bit. ttfn

  9. I vaguely remember the Howe family but Christian names escape me now. I lived at No 86 Hall road and knocked about with Bernard Merry, Barry Ayers, David Lucas and Danny Garwood.

  10. Hi Derek
    I Have just noticed your email from a year ago. Sorry to hear of your heart problems. My brother Paul had to have a bypass last year and as it was considered hereditary I had a check up and found I have a heart murmur.
    Am awaiting further tests.

    Life is good fishing and playing bowls every week. Two weeks ago I went up to Loughborough University for the day to see one of my ex swimmers that I coached. He was appointed last year in a promotion to GB national Coach. So I spent a day there and was able to watch Olympic gold medallist Adam Peaty training.

    Whilst as a coach I was luck enough to coach swimmers onto GB teams at the Olympics, Para Olympics, World and European Championships and be the GB Open water coach at World and European Championships Peaty is not Justin a different league to any swimmers I have worked with. A man mountain who was pushing his body beyond normal. A very special talent.

    Anyway that’s enough from me, hope you are still keeping well

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