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  1. Yes I remember that trip and have photo`s. I don`t know if you remember me, as I don`t you. Mary Winslow, Coleen Newman, Pamela Miller, Phillis Needham – do any of us ring a bell?
    Susan O`connell

  2. If you send me the photos, Susan, I’ll add them to the Girls School photos for you. You will need to scan them, or re-photograph them using a digital camera or mobile phone, and attach them to an email to me.

    Tony Gocke

  3. Hello Susan,

    Many thanks for getting in touch and I look forward to the seeing the photographs. I did have many lovely pics myself but they were accidentally binned along with a great many others from my childhood.

    Yes, the names you mention, including yours, resonate down the years, particularly Phyllis Needham’s. I think we must have been in the same class with Miss Gobby as our (dreaded!) English teacher and a very strange lady who taught us shorthand and typing.

    Considering how much I hated school the irony is that I ended up as a secondary school teacher in very challenging inner city secondary comprehensives!

    Once again, thanks for your message.

    Best wishes,

    Mary Philo

  4. I at Mayfield boys never heard of any these exotic trips abroad, to Switzerland and the like. We had to make do with a guided tour of Ilford police station. Preparing us for our future, I expect the idea was.

  5. Hi Mary, I do remember you. The names all ring a bell and I also remember Paula Morris, although I don’t know whether she went on the trip to Switzerland. I am still in touch with some girls from Mayfield – Linda Watson, Christine Shanks, Yvonne Ward. Yvonne left after the 2nd year.
    I too have photos, probably the same ones that Susan has.

  6. Hi Mary, are you related to Paul Philo by any chance? We were good mates at Mayfield Boys and wondered where and how he is. He left suddenly and I lost contact until a couple of years later when I met him briefly at Seven Kings Baptist Church youth club.

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