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  1. Yes I remember that trip and have photo`s. I don`t know if you remember me, as I don`t you. Mary Winslow, Coleen Newman, Pamela Miller, Phillis Needham – do any of us ring a bell?
    Susan O`connell

  2. If you send me the photos, Susan, I’ll add them to the Girls School photos for you. You will need to scan them, or re-photograph them using a digital camera or mobile phone, and attach them to an email to me.

    Tony Gocke

  3. Hello Susan,

    Many thanks for getting in touch and I look forward to the seeing the photographs. I did have many lovely pics myself but they were accidentally binned along with a great many others from my childhood.

    Yes, the names you mention, including yours, resonate down the years, particularly Phyllis Needham’s. I think we must have been in the same class with Miss Gobby as our (dreaded!) English teacher and a very strange lady who taught us shorthand and typing.

    Considering how much I hated school the irony is that I ended up as a secondary school teacher in very challenging inner city secondary comprehensives!

    Once again, thanks for your message.

    Best wishes,

    Mary Philo

  4. I at Mayfield boys never heard of any these exotic trips abroad, to Switzerland and the like. We had to make do with a guided tour of Ilford police station. Preparing us for our future, I expect the idea was.

  5. Hi Mary, I do remember you. The names all ring a bell and I also remember Paula Morris, although I don’t know whether she went on the trip to Switzerland. I am still in touch with some girls from Mayfield – Linda Watson, Christine Shanks, Yvonne Ward. Yvonne left after the 2nd year.
    I too have photos, probably the same ones that Susan has.

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