1966 Mayfield Youth Centre Rugby Team — 3 Comments

  1. Just found this. I played for the team, at the tender age of 14, with some of the guys that are named. I played with the club for 14 odd years and was highly involved. Would love to contact any of the guys that I played with.
    Andy Chappell

  2. Played from about 1969 for 5/6 years. Still in touch and Pete Harvey. His brother in law is Ian Watkins. I played alongside J.Scanes, J.Small, J.Hornby, and you Andy.

  3. After a long time I have revisited the Mayfield website and must make some comments on this post. When I first played for the old boys team I think the position I played was open side flanker. This I really enjoyed. Then Trevor sent me to a tight head prop position, I was then 10.5 stone. It was a position I did not like but what the hell, it was a great game to play. I think the leader of the backs was John Scanes. My only claim to fame is that I was probably the only one who never scored a try.

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