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  1. I left Mayfield Girls in 1967, I was a shy one, would you know Linda Booth or Christine Baker, we used to meet in Chadwell Heath sometimes.

  2. Hello. So nice to hear from you, thank you for posting to me. I don’t recall them, but then it’s been a long time. I really can’t remember what form I was in but it was probably the lowest one, didn’t do too well at school, but the girls I used to hang out with were Kay Lorrie, Jean Flennel, Gladys Gumption, Carol Shirley, to name but a few, (sorry if I have spelled their names wrong). I was also very shy. I used to hang out with Kay Lorrie a lot who lived near Goodmayes Station. She was bit of a bully and a bit nasty to me. I always remember her saying to me that when we have finished school we can go out to work together. I actually stayed on an extra year in school and left when I was 16 so that I didn’t have to travel with her to work. Drastic measures, lol. I never saw her again after school. But a long time has past since then. I am divorced, I live in Cape Town South Africa. My Ex husband and I emigrated here with our two young sons in 1973, and the last time I was in the UK was 1984 for a visit. I do miss England though very much, maybe not the cold winters so much, but I have such fond memories of when I was there.
    Anyway that’s enough about me, I would love to hear more about you and what’s happened in your life.

    Thanks again.
    Much love.

  3. Hi Barbara your name seems really familiar to me. I was in the lower class as well lol, I left in 1968 and my name was Christine Windle.

  4. Hi Barbara. I was there, I remember your name. I was mainly friends with Rose Dennis and Nicola Cooper. I remember Christine Smith and Linda booth. x

  5. Hi Christine, hi Sandra, thanks so much for replying on this page. The names ring some bells. Yes, I didn’t do too well in school, except for music and biology. I laugh now but I stayed on an extra year to do typing because another pupil, Kay Lorrie, (supposedly my friend but who was quite horrid to me) said ‘we can go to work together in London and travel together’. I dreaded the thought of it quite frankly. So I stayed on an extra year at school so I didn’t have to see her again, and I never did. I often wonder what she is up to. But I was also friends with Leigh Griffiths, Jean Fennel, Janet Smith, Carol Shirley, Hazel Loftus, Cheryl Cole, Gladys Gumption – I think her name was – and of course dear sweet Kay Lorrie. I live in Cape Town South Africa now. Have a wonderful 2017 x

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