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  1. I am Graham Cubbidge’s nephew. Graham died in Birmingham after a hard fought battle with leukaemia, aged 56.

  2. I am so sorry to hear about Graham. Before Mayfield we were both at Barley Lane infants/junior school. We were good friends but like a lot of people we went our different ways upon leaving school and of course lost touch. I will always have good memories of him.

  3. I was at Mayfield until 1958 and Messrs Bradley and Ivy were my form masters for a while too. I liked Mr Bradley for the way he brought English to life for me, especially when we were studying Shakespeare for our GCE’s. He even invited another pupil and I to his home for extra tuition and I remember his wife providing tea and cakes. I think I have him to thank for my love of the English language! In my working life I started out with an advertising agency (Plessey was our main client) and I eventually ended up as sales director for a magazine publishing company which gave me the opportunity of travelling all over Europe as well as parts of America and the Far East.
    Mr Ivy (Bouncer) was also a very good teacher for maths, but unfortunately I had been put off by a previous teacher and I never could get into algebra! However, he was good teacher and although strict, he was always fair.
    It’s always sad to hear of the passing of old school chums, especially at such a young age. I’m rapidly approaching my 74th birthday in September but still have all my faculties (well most of them anyway) and it’s always a pleasure to see posts from old boys whether I knew them or not.

  4. I remember all the above! Glyn Summers the English teacher christened me Charlie Bouncer – presumably to distinguish me from Mr Ivy. Not sure if you would get away with that as a teacher now!
    I remember that during sports Alan Firmin retrieved his Javelin before people had stopped throwing and he received severe head injuries as a result. Lots of blood.
    I can’t remember who the science teacher was that helped me with am amplifier I made at home. It didn’t work and he kindly offered to look at it one lunchtime. It took him about 5 seconds to find the problem. Every soldered joint was “dry”. I had never been taught how to solder. He soon showed me and problem solved.
    I felt very sorry for Mr Wensley the Canadian 1st year teacher. He was a really kind bloke but we were very badly behaved!

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