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  1. I would like ask Michael Stothard, what happen to Richard Furlong? I knew him and his elder brother, Trevor, we played rugby for Mayfield old boys. I now live down the west country, in Yeovil, and am trying to make contact, through Mayfield Memories, with people. Thanks, Syd Smith.

  2. I can answer your question, Syd. The following message was posted to the R.I.P. page in 2006 by John Frankland. ‘Richard Furlong (1950-2003) – For many years I went fishing on the Norfolk broads with Richard who was in my year at Mayfield. Sadly he died from cancer three years ago. I was in contact with him until his death.’
    Tony Gocke

  3. I remember Mike very well. My brother is Ted Jones and he now lives in North Devon. I live in New York near the capitol Albany. Nice to find some old memories here.
    Richard Jones

  4. Hello Richard Jones, nice to see you have joined MM. I have not seen your brother, Ted, since he left the fire brigade. I knew he lived in the West Country but I had no idea you were out in the Colonies. I still keep in touch with his ex-wife, former Mayfield girl, Christine Wiltshire. You, Richard, were a bit younger than us so I remember you more from our time at the Parkside Players theatre group. I only went along to help Matt Konrath, Tony Konrath’s brother, to fix lighting bars to the stage ceiling. Tony is also an MM member. I ended up staying and helping Matt paint the scenery while you and Tony trod the boards. My fondest memories are when, as teenagers, we used to drive that monster of an ex-GPO van to the North London Drama Festivals with the scenery strapped to the roof and the props inside the van along with about five cast. Then there was the long haul to the Felixtowe Festival, twice a year, at a top speed of 40 MPH.
    Mike Stothard

  5. Thanks for replying, Ted lives in Coombe-Martin, he is an independent financial adviser. I see him every couple of years when the family and I go back. You have brought back some memories, I have not seen Chris in over 20 years. I’m ‘Friends’ with Daniel on Face book. I remember Parkside players, or most of it, I was very young. I always regretted not doing it as an adult. Ted is still close friends with John Spalding. I will let him know I can contact you, or I can give you his phone number if you want it.
    Richard Jones

  6. Hi Mike.
    Still in Goodmayes and still with Martin and he is still a Black Cab Driver. Have now got 4 Grand Children. Ray became a Grand-dad this year. Did try to send you a message but did not work.
    Love to hear from you.
    Hazel Howells

  7. Hello Hazel, thanks for getting in touch and also for the update. I forgot Martin was cabbing and hope he is enjoying it still. I am now a grandad of two. I have not seen your daughter Donna since the Fireswim days. I think she was driving that monster mobile library. I expected to see her on ‘Ice Road Truckers’ by now. I just do Voluntary hospital work now. Tell Ray it is his round!! Take care. All the best to all.
    Mick Stothard

  8. Hi there, I’m not sure if this site is still active but I am in search of any photographs of Richard Furlong that you may have. On doing some research on the Moorgate tube disaster for my sons homework (Richards grandson) your post came up. My husband has only 1 photo of his late farther and would be so grateful if you could help.


    Victoria Furlong

  9. Hi Victoria. Regarding Richard, we lived near each other in prefabs in Greenstead Gardens Forest Road Hainault when we were kids. If the old grey matter is correct he lived about 2 or 3 opposite diagonally. I also have a photo somewhere of us all dressed as cowboys in approx 1954 if I remember rightly. Richard has an older brother Trevor I think.

  10. I remember both Trevor and Richard Furlong when they both lived in Manor Rd Chadwell Heath, the next road to mine, Hall Rd. I remember their father coming home from work as a BR steam loco driver swinging his tea can as he walked along.

  11. Hi Tony, you lived in Hall Road and went to Mayfield, when?

    Paul Dunster

  12. Ahoy Paul. I left Mayfield around 1961. I lived at 86 Hall Road. You lived next door but one, which would be 90. Next door to you on the corner were the Watson family. Remember Mr Watsons REDEX van outside. Regards Tony Atkinson.

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