1967 Norman Brown — 5 Comments

  1. I think the person in both Goodmayes School photos, back row fourth from the left, is Graham Ritchie. Did you play cricket after school life for Becontree CC?
    David Bear

  2. Hi David . You are correct, that is Graham Ritchie also Top left is Arthur Peaston. I did play cricket for several years at Becontree CC, until 1976 when I left to live in the states. How are you, well I hope. I have lost touch with Graham, we also played football together for Mayfield FC and Loxford FC for several years and did keep in touch for a while but I have been unable to locate him for several years. I remember our times playing cricket with a lot of fond memories especially as in the US there is no cricket to be played, I have however been able to continue playing football. We now play in an over 50’s league which is nice as everyone has slowed down. Good to hear from you.
    Norman Brown

  3. It was my fault Goodmayes were runners up. In the last game of the season Chadwell played them in Goodmayes Park. We won 4-3 and I scored all 4 goals. That allowed Barley Lane to become League Champions.
    Malcolm Staight

  4. I played in goal for that Barley Lane team and went on to play football with Graham Ritchie at Mayfield along with Michael Davies, Paul Cane, Geoff Hopkins, another who comes to mind is David McAuley.

  5. Hi Mike
    I remember you very well as a very good goalkeeper only kept out of the Mayfield 1st team as we had the district goalkeeper in Dave McCauley. The trouble with being a goalkeeper is you only need one.
    Re you playing for Barley Lane. Despite Chadwell having 4 players who went on to play for Mayfield in the 1965 cup final against Beal Grammar, Barley Lane thrashed us 9-1 and 11-1 in the season at junior school. Believe it or not in both games we led 1-0 but were totally out classed. It was therefore a surprising result we then had in the last game of the season in beating Goodmayes which handed the league title to Barley Lane as Goodmayes had also well beaten us earlier in the year.
    If I remember right, not only did Barley Lane have yourself, Paul Cane, Geoff Hopkins, and Micky Davies but also Scott Heally who I think then went to Fairlop.
    At Chadwell we also had another good Player in Terry Gale who I played against many times in the local Ilford and District league after I left school so I think it really shows what a good team you were in at Barely Lane.
    Its good to hear from you.

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