1967/68 Under 15 Football Team — 3 Comments

  1. The 1967/68 photo, the goalkeeper with his head down was me!

    (Thanks, Melvin, I’ve updated the caption – Ed)

  2. Hi All my name is Colin Haydon. I am in the 67/68 under 15 football team but I am under the name as C. Moss. I don’t know him but the person on the bottom right is Bobby Stiff. But yes that is definitely me in between Mickey Lewis and C. Berry. Hope you are all well Regards Colin.

    Colin Haydon added – TG

  3. Hi Melvin, I remember you were our goalkeeper. My name is Colin Haydon not C. Moss as denoted in the picture, the front row should read M.Lewis, C.Haydon, C.Berry, T.Williams, R.Stiff. Yes we had some great games, I remember Barry Cramphorne, Alan Judd, all good players at the time. It would be great if one day we could all get together, but we can only dream. I hope everyone is well. Regards Colin Haydon.

    Photo updated as requested – Tony Gocke

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