1968/69 Brass Band — 10 Comments

  1. Also In the brass band picture 1968/69 are: John Peters (clarinet) next to Steve Morl (trumpet), Peter Stocks (clarinet) is next to John, Raymond Walters (euphonium) is next to Joyce, Hugh Langford (clarinet) is next to Ray and I think Newton Thompson (clarinet) next to Hugh and is peeping out from behind the trumpet player in the front row. I was in the band at the time but not in this photo.

  2. I think it is me holding the Eb horn on the front row next to Mr Shaw and the man holding the trumpet. I have no real recollection of this but so nice to see the photo. My 16 year old daughter and 14 year old son think its Hilarious. Ah well, time flies.

  3. The person on the extreme right of the front row is Joseph Arendtse who at the time was a third year student. He always sat behind me in Mr Bradley’s English lessons until we left in 1971.

  4. Re: Steve Holland – The guy on the extreme right of the front row is indeed Joseph Arendse (don’t remember him having a ‘t’ in his surname. He was one of my absolute best friends throughout my turbulent time at Mayfield. His folks came from South Africa and were always very strict with him but their ‘encouragement’ helped him become a really bright lad and a fine musician by all accounts. I spent many happy times around his house in Blythswood Road, Seven Kings as indeed he did around mine. I was completely devastated to learn that poor Joseph had died whilst still very young, around 21 I believe, of a heart attack thus proving beyond all reasonable doubt that there is absolutely no justice in this World whatsoever. Still sorely missed to this day.

  5. I remember this picture being taken. It was Mr. Cutting that took the picture which he obviously developed himself because he gave us (I think) 4 options of different print exposures we could choose from. Us kids didn’t understand what he meant so I seem to remember the first 4 of us chose each option then the rest of us thought “that’s that”. At least that’s how I remember it. Never did get a print of this.
    The kid in the middle holding a trumpet looking very cool and NOT wearing a school jacket (how did he get away with that?) is Newton Thompson’s brother. I think his name was Richard but that may be wrong.

  6. I had a feeling that this picture was taken just prior to a carol concert but could be wrong. In the front row next to Joseph is John Demeger (not sure on the spelling now) behind him and half hidden is the chubby face of your’s truly Martin Jukes. To my left is Howard Roberts, together we formed a trio playing odd pieces like Mozarts eina cliena nakmusik on brass instruments! I can remember Mr Shaw being very happy about that. He was very dismayed when all the tenor horn players decided to buy French horns. He didn’t consider French horns to be brass band instruments. We did a concert in a church hall somewhere down Ilford Lane. We presented Mr Shaw with an engraved baton of which he was immensely proud and I remember him crying. An amazing thing for a teacher to do in front of his pupils. it may well be the one in this picture. So sorry to hear that Joseph has died I had no idea, how sad. Just spotted Tony Harris, two in from Mrs Shaw, another tenor horn player soon to rebel and take up the french horn.

  7. Great pic – thanks Peter. Think I am third from left. The school band was an opportunity to learn to play in an ensemble and enabled me to then join the Redbridge youth wind band. Am still playing clarinet/bass clarinet in bands and orchestras. (Last summer I played with the BBC Concert orchestra with Marin Alsop in a Proms Extra event). Hope lots of my old Mayfield bandmates are still having fun playing. Any clarinets know what happened to our instrument teacher Linda Magnurson?

  8. Hi Mike. Linda was my Aunt. Sadly she died the weekend before last, after a mercifully short couple of years suffering brain cancer and the dementia. I was just doing a Google search of her name, and came across this page. To fill in the (50 year) gap for you, she moved to Bedford around ’74, and continued to teach music in schools until retirement. Still, until a few years ago was working as a substitute teacher, and giving private clarinet and piano lessons at home. I hope you have fond memories of her.

  9. I saw Martin’s (Jukes) comment above and recognise him behind me. The trombonist is indeed Howard. We all lost touch I think after sixth form college, but it was lovely seeing this picture again; my boys were most amused by it, now in their twenties. I heard of Joe’s early death from my father who used to chat to him on the train up to Liverpool Street on occasion – Joe was a lovely chap and it was sad news indeed. It’s impressive how many players escaped wearing school uniform at this event!

  10. So sorry David to hear about Linda Magnurson. Linda was a brilliant clarinet teacher who taught me from 11 to 16 and I am pleased she must have taught hundreds of other pupils over her long career. I am very grateful for her patience and encouragement. Having managed to take early retirement ten years ago, my main activity has been playing music and am currently the chair of an orchestra ( Thames Philharmonia). All thanks to Linda.

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