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  1. Yes I remember the trip to Glasbury House with fond memories. I kept falling out of the canoe seemed to think it needed to be upside down good job I was a good swimmer. Through my present job I still have links with Glasbury House and keep threatening to return.

    My other fond memories were sailing firstly at Fairlop lake and then taking part in the national schools sailing regatta representing Mayfield Girls and Redbridge. I also have fond memories of swimming and trying to compete with Carol at swimming.

  2. Hi Janet, we did have some good times didn’t we. I was in the potholing group at Glasbury. Spent most of our time bent double and up to our ankles in water, no wonder I’m claustrophobic. I also remember going sailing and spent most of my time capsized. I remember getting a train to the lake but can’t think for the life of me where it was. In the winter do you remember having a boat in school to rub down and varnish. I don’t remember the sailing regatta but perhaps that was the year after I left. I left after the 4th year, and went to work in the city.

  3. Hi Carole
    I was canoeing and walking at Glasbury, never got to do potholing. We used to go by train from Newbury Park to Fairlop Station. It was after you left that I took part in the Nationals. Janice Fallows was my crew in the first Nationals and then I had a lad from another school, as Janice started work just before the one in the fifth year. I spent years sailing with Redbridge either racing or cruising. Very fond memories of rubbing down the boat. Do you remember us raising the money to buy the school boat that was called ‘Maybe’. My dad painted a bee on the front of the mirror dinghy and sign wrote it. I will have to go on friends reunite and find your email address mine has not changed on there. All I have been doing recently is going down memory lane. Do you remember Marolyn Churches. I bumped into her the other week. Janice Wilson I seem to bump into about once a year and Caroline Aganbar. Have you reached the 0 birthday yet?

  4. Hi Janet, Thanks for clearing the train station up I looked up Fairlop lake on the internet and I noticed Fulwell Cross Swimming baths was on the same site. I gather that’s the same baths I used to go to straight from work on a Wednesday for Club Night. Wow you did get the sailing bug. I remember you were into cake decorating and we went to a specialist shop in London and went up the Post Office Tower that day as well. I don’t remember raising the money for the boat. I think perhaps that all happened after I left. I seemed to leave in a bit of a whirl wind in the Easter of 1969, then a year later the family moved to Bournemouth so I don’t bump into anyone that I knew back then. Yes, reached the big 6O in November time goes by so quick. I don’t know if Tony can give you my email? I don’t think mine has changed either. Look forward to hearing from you.

  5. I left school in 1967. I went to Glasbury and did the pot holing and pony trekking. The only activity I could not do was the canoeing because I had a scary time at Ilford swimming baths.

  6. Hi Carole
    I went on the trip too. I remember the camping and getting told off by one of the teachers for talking at night in the tent. The weather was good for October but the nights where chilly. Seeing your photos reminded me of the trip, pony trekking was good fun. Remember Janet, Marion, Eileen Dunn, Corrine Skinner, Susan Joyce, Jackie Watson.
    Love to hear from you, Jackie Brotherston.

  7. Hi Jackie. Sorry but I don’t remember you, do you remember the year you went to Glasbury. I remember the pony trecking I was so scared especially when I was walking the pony down a huge hill and he kept pushing me closer and closer to the edge which was quite steep. I also remember feeling nackered after walking to our camp site, and I was quite fit, but least it stayed dry. I remember Corrine Skinner but I don’t think she was a friend, but Susan George, and Janet Chattern were and lived in Goodmayes just round the corner to me. It was nice to hear from you. Best Wishes Carole

  8. I remember Glasbury it is amazing that you remember so many names. Do you remember Josephine Smith? She and I still meet up as she lives near Eastbourne. Anna Clark, who I was in Barking and Dagenham Majorettes with, lives in Singapore and I am also in touch with Julie Hooper who still lives in Chadwell Heath.

  9. Hi, I am Mr Pugh’s granddaughter and loved coming across this picture of him, so glad you had so many fond memories there ☺️ xx

  10. Hi Samantha, What a small world you seeing my post. It was certainly a fantastic place and your granddad and his team certainly gave me and many others fantastic memory’s it was also the first holiday away from any family. Did you ever get the chance to enjoy such exciting adventures? Hope you don’t mind me asking but is your grandad still alive? Take Care Carole So glad you enjoyed seeing his photo. Thanks for getting in touch. Best Wishes Carole.

  11. Hi Carole, thank you so much for responding. Unfortunately I didn’t, my dadcu (mr Pugh) retired when I was very young but great to see people enjoyed their experiences at Glasbury House, as you can imagine I did hear may tales from his time there. He sadly passed away in 1999 and his wife (morwen) passed away last year, a great loss to our family but so glad they made so many treasured memories for people. Thank you so much for sharing your photo it was lovely to see. Samantha x

  12. Thank you for replying to my message I was sorry to hear of the passing of Mr Pugh and also Morwen, I hope in time good memories will out weigh the sadness you are feeling. All the best Carole.

  13. Hi, I remember Carole and Janet Chatten, also Janet Fisher. Carole and I used to be the swimming duo at the time – we used to do a lot together and in the summer we used to go over to Goodmayes Park and just hang out – it was great as I recall. Also, I remember going around with Janet Fisher and we always loved The Monkeys at the time – happy memories. Janet Chatten was more Carole’s friend but Carole, Janet C and I used to go about from time to time.

  14. Hi Susan, how are you. We three, Janet you and I, used to walk to school together sometimes. Still remember the smell of rubber from the shoe repairs when I used to knock for you. Health and safety wouldn’t allow that now. I always think of you on your birthday, 31st July. Can’t believe I will be 65 this year, how time flies. Remember going over goodmayes park and playing tennis and taking Bob the dog there every day. And not to forget the swimming, how could I, I very nearly lived there. Definetly good times.

  15. Hi Susan and Carol I do remember you Sue and of course swimming. I think of you all when I go to the Olympic size pool about 5 miles from me in Basildon. I still enjoy a swim but need to be in the pool before 8 to take advantage of the 50 metre pool. Such fond memories we had together. I can’t believe we will all be turning 65 from September. I will get my pension that they have moved finally at 65 and 4 months May 19 it still seems along way off. Carol do you ever come to London? We should arrange to meet somewhere and catch up. Let me know if you think this would be a good idea and we can see what we can arrange

  16. Hi Janet, I get my pension about 8 days before my 65 in November. But saying that I’ve been retired 4 years now. I’ve never been back to London since moving here, and I dont get any further than a day down Devon to visit the donkey sanctuary. Been good hearing from you though.

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