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  1. Well Eileen, you must also remember me…?…but maybe not. But I was often in Railway street, all those years ago…crikey I often wonder where and how people I used to know are….Hope life is treating you well…Take care
    All the best David Want

  2. Well Eileen, I don’t suppose you’ll remember me? I used to be good friends with Jean Lamming who also lived in Railway Street. All those years ago and as I pass by on the train everyday I too often wonder where everybody went. I still see Christine Phelps (Slack these days) along with Margaret Hocking (also a Slack). They married the twins from opposite the school. I trust you’ve had a wonderful life, I certain have.
    Brenda Lee

  3. Hello Eileen
    Gosh lovely to hear from you, lots of memories of us all flooding back. Remember you all from Cross Road where I use to live and Railway Street, Essex Road where Alan Judd lived. Glyn my brother is married and living in Essex. I married Trevor Williams (he was at the boys school) we live in East Sussex. If you know anything on where Corrine Skinner and Susan Joyce are would be great.
    Best Wishes Jackie

  4. Hi Jackie, great to hear from you. I don’t know the names you mentioned, I remember so many people from Railway Street, Cross Road and Avenue Road though. I remember the little old fashioned shop at the end of your road which was run by an elderly couple. Don’t laugh they probably were not that old, but you know what its like when you are so young everyone seems old. I have been with Pete for 44 years and we live in Hornchurch. We don’t have children, just our 2 very old cats who are very special to us. I have always worked in an office and still work full time to this day, aged 61. But I do love my job and cannot imagine retiring. I often look on facebook for names from the past but have never seen any of the boys that I mentioned. Take care Eileen.

  5. Hello Eileen. You may not remember me but I remember you and so many of the names that have been mentioned in this thread. I used to live on the Marks Gate estate but, for nearly 30yrs, I now live in Newport South Wales. Glad to say that my life has been good. I married my first boyfriend some 43 years ago and have been on a bit of an adventure ever since. I wish you well and hope that life has been kind to you 🙂

  6. Hi Barbara. Your name sounds familiar but I cannot put a face to you. I was in Ms Tyler’s class in my last year at Mayfield and there must have been about 30 in the class, but I can only remember a handful. I left at 15 and really couldn’t wait to leave. I did not enjoy school but even though I had no qualifications I managed to get some good jobs and spent about 30 years working in recruitment. I too have had a lovely life enjoying travelling to some lovely places. Take care Eileen

  7. Great reading this thread it brings back good memories. Interesting, Jackie, that you live in East Sussex because I am also there now after moving from Canary Wharf. I also remember Shirley Harris really well with her lovely long blond hair I know she still lives n the area because my sister Barbara told me.

  8. Hi Susan Joyce here. I found this website by accident and it was lovely to read what you are all up too. I remember Jackie and Glyn Brotherston really well and Eileen Dunn and Jacqui Watson. I used to walk to school with Shirley Harris. I have been married 43 years to Andy, who was in the Navy, and live on the south coast. I have 2 children and 3 grandchildren. I don’t miss the green school uniform lol! .It would be lovely to keep in contact.

  9. Hi Susan, nice to read your notes, I will be seeing Shirley soon so will mention you to see if she remembers you. I too cannot bare Anything bottle green, those big green knickers were dreadful. Have a happy Christmas and here’s to a prosperous new year. X

  10. Hi Eileen thank you for your reply. When you see Shirley tell her I lived in Somerville Road. I wish you all the best for Christmas and the New Year. x

  11. Hi Susan
    I guess you’re the sister of Peter Joyce as he lived in Sommerville Road. Peter was in the same class as me at Chadwell Heath and also went to Mayfield. Can you enlighten us about what Peter has been doing for the last 50 years?
    Malcolm Staight

  12. Hi Malcolm, yes Peter is my brother. He joined the navy then left when he got married, moved to South Wales and has just retired. He has two children and two grandchildren. I will let him know you were asking after him. Kind Regards.

  13. Hi Eileen, hope you are well and great reading your posts about the old days around the Essex road area. Some very happy memories. I still see a number of old Mayfield lads mainly due to John Addis who arranges a get together. Rob Stevenson, Pete Heed, David Boosey, Ken Garrard are regular attendees. I also keep in touch with Pat Lavery, Doug Ward and Jacqui Watson via Facebook.
    Living out in Maldon for the last 11 years, our two children both married and have 3 grandchildren with another due in April.

  14. Hi Paul, lovely to hear from you, certainly brings back memories. My brother Mick is now retired and living in france with his second wife who he married a few years ago and he is so happy. He has 3 children and 4 grandchildren. I googled my old house in railway street a while ago and couldn’t believe how nice it looked and so tiny, it was council when we lived there but then they all got sold off, a shame mum and dad didn’t buy it back then but dad was a carpenter and those sort of tradesmen couldn’t get a mortgage , I remember knowing everyone who lived in the whole street but that doesn’t happen these days. Am I right in thinking you worked in the petrol station when you were very young or am I thinking of someone else. Do you remember the bird’s nest, me and Shirley were always in there. I think I spoke to you a good few years ago when I worked in Brentwood. I am lucky that I have such great memories of my childhood in Chadwell heath, times have changed so much and not always for the better. Take care and have a great Christmas and New year.

  15. Hi Eileen, yes I did work in the petrol station opposite the school for a while to earn some extra money. I remember you and Shirley ( I think you were joined at the hip actually ) always walking past and you used to pop in for a chat, and yes definitely remember the birds nest.
    I went back to Chadwell Heath the other day and didn’t like what I saw at all. Certainly a changed place. Life down here in Maldon is great, I love being near the water, some great walks along the coast.
    Hope you have a great Christmas and a very happy new year.

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