1969 Richard Waugh — 3 Comments

  1. Hi Richard, I sat behind you in Mr. Skinners class 1E1. We were sat up the back because our name started with W. Terry Reed, Laurie Fossie and someone Bowman were in our class. I left to go to Australia in 1968. I was a mate of the late Dave Newport class 1A1, Barry Westley and Terry Parsons. Be great to catch up, lots to tell.
    Regards Dave Worley

  2. Mr Skinner, remember the T-square, ouch. The RE teacher who did a run up with a size 10 slipper, double ouch! Sports were good, social club good, lessons were ok. A very good grounding really. Have seen a few people, now live in Berkshire and enjoying life. Cannot wait to get off the treadmill of working life. It would be great to see old faces at some point

    Dave Smith

  3. Yep, I remember the size 10 slipper, and the run up. Not one person in his class mucked up, and he was a good teacher. Do you remember Mr Swain, the science teacher, his hard discipline was respected by the class of ’69 and we all pitched in with our pocket money (my smoke money) and bought him a pipe and matching tobacco set when he left Mayfield. Poor bloke it reduced him to tears, and the whole class. The next science teacher just didn’t have the discipline and we used to make Roman candles by putting iron fillings in the Bunsen burners. Any one remember the guns we used to carry that fired split peas. Every one had one the teachers couldn’t work out why there were split peas all over the school grounds, until The Gun Fight at OK Corral (the toilet block next to Mr Cuttings classroom). Every one was shooting every one else. We all lost the plot even the teachers got shot up. That was the end of the gun craze… great memories.
    Regards Dave Worley class of ’69

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