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  1. To bring you up-to-date with the latest on ‘Good Thinking’ on October 19th the band played a live session and were interviewed on BBC local network radio stations, it went out live on BBC Essex ‘The Sue Marchant Show’. This was the first time the band had performed live in 35 years!!!
    Further to the release of our single ‘Warrior Soul’ back in March we now have an album being released on Cargo Records available for download, or CD version is available by contacting the band via the web site. Album entitled ‘Turning The Clock Back’ out on the 7th November.
    Also the band play their first live concert in 35 years, opening for the legendary rockers Stray at The Royal Standard, Walthamstow on the 11th of November.
    All being well the band expect to be playing dates throughout 2012, these will be posted on our web site as and when.
    Adrian Wood

  2. Oh my days! Where the devil did that photograph come from Adrian? I remember that guitar of mine, the fun I had trying to get the pick-up to stay in place, the uncontrollable feedback I used to deafen you all with… such great memories! And that purple long cardigan I was wearing, that was my absolute favourite item of clothing back then (along with my dark blue, crushed velvet, embroidered loons)… what a total blast seeing that photo, have you got any others?
    PS… and I still haven’t got the faintest idea who the drummer was!

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