1971 Rugby Team — 6 Comments

  1. To the right of Mark Fenn is Errol Johnston (Mark just confirmed)…

  2. Just seen the back row far right is Derek Wetherall (surname spelling maybe incorrect)

    Thanks, Mark. I’ve updated the photo – Tony Gocke

  3. Thank you for posting this Tony, and thanks for providing the pic Mick …. great memories. I am 6th from the left front row, David Ward is to the right of me (awesome Full Back), never missed a target, and Ronnie Hooker is to the left of me. I use to play scrum half. And I remember our large Number 8 🙂 Keith was a brilliant guy. Teach (coach) was Pat Carney, we use to watch him play for Ilford Wanderers, really cool guy too, full of enthusiasm and fast on the field. Sean Mahoney is 2nd from left back row.

    Thanks for info, John, I’ve updated the photo list. – Tony Gocke

  4. My name is Glen Wenham, I played rugby for the school, anybody remember me? I used to be fly half. Mr Carney liked to carry a baseball bat over his shoulder, I really miss the team spirit, we always wanted to win.

  5. I was also at Mayfield. I was in Mr Davies class, and eventually 4ac. I remember several names mentioned above and also the youth club.

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