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  1. I think we were in the same year. If you remember me please reply.
    Mary Constantinou

  2. Hi Mary

    What a lovely surprise to hear your name after all these years. How I would love to catch up with you. How are you? The last thing I remember was you leaving for Canada in the late seventies to take up a career in beauty.
    I have been married to Terry, who you met back then, for 35 years. We have a son Russell 28 who married this year and is living in Sydney, and our daughter Emma 25 who is back home with us after breaking up from a long relationship. We have lived in Essex, Wales, Buckinghamshire and now St Leonards in East Sussex. I am still working – as an Office Manager in London.
    I remember with great fondness the times we spent in the seventies at school with our friends Mary and Shelley and also the time I spent with your family in Goodmayes. Would love to hear from you. I eagerly wait to hear from you and hopefully we can meet up again.
    Sue Livesey (nee Wellman) x

  3. Hello there! So nice to hear from you. You sound really well. I have indeed been living in Toronto since leaving Mayfield in 1972. Like yourself I am still working. I have my own business in Beauty, so that keeps me very busy. Do you still keep in touch with any of the others? I have been trying to find Shelley but have not been successful. Please send me photos it would be so nice to see you.
    Mary Constantinou

  4. Hi Mary

    I too have tried to contact Mary Boyce and Shelley without success. Are you on facebook? You can find me under my married name Sue Livesey.

  5. I remember you both from my schooldays. I still live in the area the school is in, Chadwell Heath.
    Gill Hunt

  6. Hi Gill

    How lovely to hear your name after all these years. If I remember I lived just round the corner from you in Mannin Road. What have you been doing since our schooldays?

    Kind regards

    Sue Livesey (nee Wellman)

  7. Hi Sue

    Lovely to hear from you!

    On leaving Mayfield I went to Redbridge College which I remember you also attended (I still remmember the terrible day there when you informed me that poor Jeanette Martell, she used to be in my year for history, had been killed in an accident in the holidays). I took art and fashion and worked in the fashion industry for a time (including bra design), before I joined the civil service Department of Trade as it was then! in 1977. I married Ian in 1978 and moved to Morden in Surrey. I have two boys Alan and Peter, now aged 26 and 24, how the years fly! I moved back to this area in 1988 to be near my parents so they could look after the children while I worked. I worked in QCA a government educational body for 17 years until I was made redundant in 2010. I now do some voluntary reading with children in school.

    I remember Mary Constantinou from the post above she was in Mrs Nelsons small 4th year class with me Pamela Appleby and Lyn Stratford.

    Be great to meet again.

    Best wishes

    Gill Bouquet (nee Hunt)

  8. Hi Gill, Susan and Mary!

    Remember you all. Mary, we worked in Ilford Woolwoth together with Shelley.

    Moved back to Galsworthy Ave, next to my Mum, 15 years ago. Both my girls went to Chadwell Heath Foundation, as Mayfield is now called. Good to meet up if anyone is still in the area.

    Carol Little (nee Barr)

  9. Hi, Carol, Gill, Susan, Mary and many others, great to hear how you all are keeping, best wishes to everyone.

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