1971 Swimming Gala — 7 Comments

  1. Hi Mark seeing this picture of you Howard and Cliff brings back some memories. I think we were all in the same class. I cannot remember the form teacher’s name but I think he was the RE teacher. I think I was in the 4th year when I left. Back then you could leave early. There was another Mark as well?. I was in the Gymnastic Club and played rugby for the school. I was not allowed to play football as I had tackled the teacher that picked the teams a bit to hard. But I also did swimming and basketball and was also a regular at the youth centre. I went on to play rugby for the old boys, even while I was still at school. Hope you are ok.
    Andy Chappell

  2. Hi Debbie, of course I remember you. If I’m right you were friends with Pamela Wilson. Lived in Wellwood Road. It would be nice to have a chat, are you on Facebook? If so contact me.

  3. Too many of my friends at Mayfield died young. this picture brings back some good memories but sadness for their families. A proud moment was being voted sports captain.

  4. I’ve just found this photo. Sorry to see Howard and cliff passing. Great memories of them. I remember teachers throwing a wooden board rubber at us if we played up in class. Not acceptable now.

  5. Hi Peter
    I used to swim for the school between 1972 and 1977. I enjoyed my last year winning the school gala at Ilford in breaststroke. Lost contact with so many old school mates, any connections to be made? I see the site is closed for additions. Be good to catch up with a few. Cheers

  6. Hi Steven, I know of Gary Warwick. Met some years back, he lives in Fort Myers Florida. I also met Mark Fenn some years back, would be good to hear from others also.

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