1971/72 Under 12 Football Team — 6 Comments

  1. I remember Peter Reid, Lee Clark, Terry Sheridan and Alec Gallagher. I had a couple of dates with Alec. I remember Dave Smith, but only because I remember being smitten with his brother, Phil, who was a few years older.

    Karen Campbell

  2. 1971/72 Under 12 Football Team photo, I think the goalkeeper is Jimmy Smailes and Andrew Bradford is standing next to Mr. Ashmore.

  3. Back row Alan Shaw, Peter HUNT, Peter Reid, Jimmy Smailes, Brian Scott (me), Andrew Bradford (deceased)

  4. Neil Ashmore managed to open my face up with a well aimed basketball one lunchtime but still went on to teach my daughter many years later. Wouldn’t happen like that these days. Decided to forgive you – not a bad bloke and encouraged me to gain a 5 star athletics award with John Polnick the only other to win it. Wilbert only got 4 stars. He got better though. Hope you guys are well if you read this.

  5. What a lovely find I didn’t know this existed. To see a picture of my brother, Andrew Bradford, which I had never seen before is lovely. I also went to Mayfield, I left in 1969.

  6. I remember Terry Sheridan well. He was a terrible thug an utter bullyboy. No offence to the rest of the team.

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