1972 Phil Collins — 3 Comments

  1. Hi Phil. I am sure I remember you as a short chap who supported Blackburn football club and you lived opposite the Trenance Gardens gate. Hope you are well. Ken Scott

  2. Hi Ken,
    You are partly correct. I am short, and I also support Blackburn Rovers, but I lived in Felbrigge Road
    just off Green lane. I just visited Ken Anderson last weekend in Southend. We are still great mates, I
    can’t believe it’s been so long. I am sorry but I cannot remember you at all. Hope you are keeping well, Phil Collins.

  3. Yes it has been so long. Some names are familiar to me but I just can’t put a face to the name. I spent 5 years at Mayfield and hung around with Neil Claridge, Paul Bird, John Ovens, Steve Morris and Robert Capelhorn. Hope those names ring a bell. Kind regards Ken

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