1972 Trip To Wales — 12 Comments

  1. Hi Squibby its Laney, still support West Ham, never mind. The man next to me is Neil Ashmore a teacher.

  2. Hi Dave,
    Long time no speak. Drop me a line on email, or look me up on Facebook and do it there. Rob Wilson is on my page also, if you’re not already in touch with him.

  3. The other boy is Barry Taylor… Good at maths but not so hot at TD… like you and I. Do you remember getting the T square on the arse from Mr Harvey for sword fighting with the T square with me…

  4. Hi Allan, I had blanked that from my memory until you reminded me. You were always that bit better than me at all art related stuff, but did you ever put it to good use. It took me until I was in my 30’s but I can now boast that I design for Dior and Givenchy, to name a couple. Trouble was I spent the first twenty years after I left school working in shipping.
    Good to hear from you

  5. Hello Darryl, Yep after doing a An art foundation at Loughton and Acting school did a BA hons then a post grad then the MA then getting an honouary Phd for my research work in digital imagining. I became a photographer all over from Tokyo, Sydney and Middlesborough..HA! working with ICI Doing shoots for heavy industrial, record companies, and a bunch of fashion designers, to being friends with Kylie. Ended up as head of Photography unit at Sheffield Hallam University for 16 years. Then made redundant in 2005. due to ill health I am doing a less physical job… Unfortunately its in a school…. HATE IT. Glad to hear you did well too. Dior ay …. most impressive. I did somethings for Elle back in the early 80… and did some prop making for film , TV and theatre. I suppose the most famous one is return of the Jedi. Tell me more of your exploits.

    Looking at that photograph from Glasbury… What a bunch a tin ribs we all were…. Like two asprins on an ironing board. I remember Dave being an excellent swimmer…. Gosh he could shift.And Robin being a fast runner… I was only able to beat him once at the 100 yds. It was my best sports day that year… and splashing Mr Cutting at the water jump in the steeple chase… I remember someone dropping some phosphorous from a window onto his Morris Minor roof. I’ll look you up on FB.

  6. Whoops I meant John Payne was an excellent swimmer. Do you keep in touch with Laney then … It seemed to me that all the fast runners had friendship in common. You, me , Dave Lane, Robin and the other fast runner was Colin Middleditch… tiny fella but fast… I was rather short too.

  7. Hello lads , remember this trip well. Do you remember creeping into the teachers room and setting their alarm to go off at 3am. Only problem was they got us all up at that time for breakfast. I lived in Somerville road not far from Dave lane and I remember John Payne lived at Chadwell Heath Lane. How are you all doing?

  8. Hi Ray, remember you well, are you still local or moved away.. what I remember the most about the trip was the teacher crashing that Land Rover and breaking the back axle with us all in it. Plus some late night ghost hunting using a board that put the shits up all of us when the glass started moving. Not heard from Dave since that post but me and Rob are friends on Facebook.

  9. Hi Darryl , I live in WIckford now. Moved up here 41years ago . I married Denise who I met in the youth club. We have been married for 43 years got 4 kids and 7 grandchildren. I’m retired now after running my building and electrical business for 35 years. How about you?

  10. Mine is not so short and straight forward but I now live in Hainault, have a daughter who works for me and three grandchildren. My business is also based in Hainault and is a design / exhibition company. Retirement would be nice maybe in a few years, I’m working on it!

  11. Hello Ray
    I still remember that white rabbit I got from you. It grew to a huge thing and used to chase all the dogs out of our garden.

  12. I remember Laney was an Arsenal supporter. I got into Beach volley ball whilst living in Sydney…. There is something to be said at the view from the back in the women’s tournaments.

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