1972/73 Football Team — 6 Comments

  1. Mayfield Boys, from a Mayfield Girls pupil. I think my brothers were friends with Martin Sheridan. I remember some of the names, I did not remember that Kevin Jago had a brother called Gary. I think Kevin was the first boy I ever kissed lol. I am now 52 and still remember that lol.
    Louise Carey

  2. Yes Louise, I remember Kevin but not Gary, and the Sheridans lived over the road from me I think.
    Karen Turnbull (nee Campbell) x

  3. Think I should send this link on to my bros lol see who they can remember.

    Louise Carey

  4. I think it was Mr. Huxford rather than Huxley. He did a great job teaching me physics and chemisty for GCE.

  5. I was always just outside the team so gave up at 14 and played for local teams instead. I still play a couple of times a week but at my favoured five-a-side game in goal. I remember being in the same Field House five-a-side team as Les Cummings but we always missed out to the Wood House team which included Andy Gallagher, Lawrence Rampling and just about everyone else! Would be good to hear from anyone that remembers me.

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