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  1. Hi Rick, hows it going mate? I remember you at school being interested in radio stuff. You were holding a pretend mic once saying that you were interviewing me for a new show you were making… lol how weird.

    Hope you’re ok


  2. Hi Paul great to hear from you. Hope you’re ok and ageing gracefully! Hey, just think in around four years time we can get our freedom bus passes! Where on earth have all those years gone?
    We have three kids, all grown up, our eldest has launched, one about to launch and one who I think will be with us for ever.
    I’m still working full time, love to retire early but just can’t do it at the moment. Also battling a rare cancer and having regular chemo which is stabilising the condition but sadly can’t be cured. Fortunately not suffering many side effects so life can be reasonably normal.
    Take care of yourself Paul. Cheers for now.

  3. Sorry to hear about the cancer, hopefully you are not in pain and can still do what you love to do. I have one son, who is 27 and living in his own place, but I see him as much as poss. Yes bus passes soon, can’t wait lol. Keep in touch and kick cancer’s butt mate, and be positive and just do what you do.

  4. Hi Rick! You don’t know me but I’m one of the Premier prayer supporters & I’ve been sharing in your journey as you battle your cancer.
    I feel very close to you as my husband passed away from leukaemia four & a half years ago so feel I have an understanding of what you & your wife are going through. I pray the Lord will be gracious to you & give you strength for your trip to your son’s wedding next month.
    You’re both very much in my thoughts & prayers.
    God bless, strengthen & heal you & give you His peace.

  5. Hi, I love your programmes. Just writing to ask how you??? .. and your family … doing? Miss you on the radio 😭 but maybe you’re on at a weird time that I don’t yet know about. I have ME so can’t keep on top of things 😜 Look out for today’s blessings! Carol

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