1975 Fifth Form — 7 Comments

  1. Lovely to see these photo’s. Great last year in the ROSLA together.
    Jeanette Stamp

  2. What a surprise to come across this photo of the group in 1975. Thank you for keeping the memories alive. Christine

  3. Brings back so many happy memories. I too have been wondering what everyone is doing now. Guess a lot of us are grandparents now! Our first was born 6 months ago. We have been living in Nassau for the last 8 years and are due to return to the UK end of next year, to Northants. Be great to hear what everyone else is up to.

  4. Hi, I now live in the USA near Los Angeles since 1992. I have two daughters, British born, and four grandchildren born here in the USA. If you would like to say Hello I would love to hear from you, on Facebook or via email. Christine

  5. Yes, at lot of us must be grandparents now. I have two children and four grandchildren. Living in Essex and travelling through Barking Monday to Friday working in London, still think of my childhood friends.

  6. Hi to all that may remember me. I’ve been living in Spain for the last 7 years. 4 children and 7 grandchildren. I’m nursing over here. Hope all of you are well and enjoying life.

  7. Does anyone remember the functions the school used to arrange between the boys and girls schools? I remember a few at the boys school in the strangely named ‘Terrapin’ building. It was after one of these functions I went on my first ‘date’ at Barking Outdoor Swimmimg Pool. Bring back any memories? I was also persuaded by the other lads to ask one of the ladies for a dance to ‘Eddie Holman’s Lonely Girl’ to break the line the girls danced in during those days. What an act of bravery!

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