1975 School Visit to Glasbury — 10 Comments

  1. I’ve just been down memory lane thanks to these great photos. I’ve never seem them before, so it was a great shock to see myself! I’m the one in the cream coloured cardigan, standing in front of Mrs Crouch. Didn’t we all look GLAM.
    Tracey Stannard (nee Ellis)

  2. In the photo with Mrs Crouch it looks like Yvonne Blackley on the far left. I am still in contact with her so I will get her to have a look. Where have the years gone? Fantastic photos.
    Elaine Ponter

  3. Great photos, I have fond memories of Miss Crouch. It is Yvonne Blackley! Haven’t seen her for years, we lived in Richmond Road Ilford ~ I was the year below 😀

  4. Julie, I asked Yvonne to take a look and it is her. Is Rowe your maiden name? Let me know and I will tell her you have written on here. I know she will be thrilled that you remember her.

  5. Hi Elaine, thank you for your reply. Yes Rowe is my maiden name. I remember Yvonne and her sister Caroline 😀

  6. Julie, I see both regularly. Both are well. I will tell them you have commented on here.

  7. I believe that’s me in the picture with Mrs Crouch, standing between Tracey & Adrienne ☺️

  8. Wow just came across this. I’m in touch with Catherine Anderson, Lynn Gaitely, Pam Nicholson to name a few. Must plan a reunion!!!

  9. Remember this trip well broke my leg! A reunion would be great, would love to see everyone again!

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