1976 Denise Lilley — 6 Comments

  1. I was here at this time do you know any names? Any other pictures?

  2. Kevin Jago, David Baker, Guy Boardman, thats all I can remember of the boys.

  3. Looking at the photo I can see Gillian Price, David Baker, Jill Morgan and I can see Denise Lilley obviously. I think that is Carol Jamieson. I wish I could remember the boy on the end (left) bottom row as I am sure he took me Ballroom dancing in Chadwell Heath.

  4. If it was 1965 then that won’t be me in the back row as I didn’t move there till 1969. Might far left 2nd row from the back be David Lane?

  5. Hi Ian. Good to see you’re still ‘kicking-about’ mate !!!! – Last time I saw ya, was about 1979/1980 around midnight on the last 86 Routemaster Bus of the night (before the N.98 kicked-in) and I was coming-home from my pretty Girlfriend’s house, back to Chadwell Heath.
    Remember ALL those long games of ‘Risk’ the military-campaign-board-game round your house, games that YOU always kept on winning (Hahahaa, “fix”).
    – Do you still see your old neighbours (also seen in this picture), like Ian & Barry King, Mike Harding, or even Michael Grindrod ?
    Adrian McCarthy still lives in Belfairs Drive & told me recently that Barry (King) was still keen to get in touch with me (he’s apparently been on the Facebook Chadwell Heath website), but sadly I don’t “do” (& cannot stand ‘FaceAcheBook’)
    I’d still like to get in touch with him though. Also this…
    Even tho’ I went to “Barmy Lane” (Jnr) school (instead of Chad’ Heath, before I met you & became friends with ya, via Barry), I still know at least half the folks in this brilliant, if not “old” ancient photograph.
    Trust you are keeping well & it’s good to hear from ya on here – Cheers mate, Kev.

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