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  1. Hi Wendy.
    You have a sister Pamela, and I remember your mum being very bubbly and kindly. Didn’t you live in Kinfauns Road? I remember coming to your house and the only thing that I really remember is a photo of Pamela on the TV of her doing the splits! I live in Hertfordshire now, and moved from Goodmayes in 1977. Drop me an email if you remember me! Best wishes, Melanie Jackson-Smith.

  2. Hello Melanie

    I certainly do remember you. You lived in Ashgrove Road if I remember rightly and you left secondary school earlier than the rest of us to have a baby. My mum and dad are still very active and we all live in Suffolk now. The photo of Pam doing the splits on top of our sideboard is still in my mum and dad’s lounge. Hope you are keeping well.
    Best wishes – Wendy

  3. Ha ha! Yes I did and he will be 36 in November. I have five children, two grandchildren already, with another two grandchildren due next year. I live in Hertfordshire now. Mum died in 1982 and Dad in 2004, they moved to Suffolk in 1978. Hope life is treating you well, remember me to your family. Best wishes,

  4. Dear Wendy
    I was not at Mayfield with you as I am a lot older than you, but I do remember you from Goodmayes Baptist Church and remember you singing a solo, which was nery nice. I am still in the area but attend Cranbrook Baptist Church. I do hear some news occasionally and the last I heard Mrs holland was quite ill with dementia. I wonder if Ruth Tuppin is still alive as I was her bridesmaid?
    Kind regards Wendy Jordan

  5. I do certainly know your name Wendy but I can’t picture you I’m afraid. Yes, I did go to Goodmayes Baptist Church and still sing these days. I actually drove past the church a couple of days ago when I was going to visit some friends in Barking. I live in sunny Suffolk now (have done for 8 years). I remember Mrs Holland very well and can see her in my mind. Ruth Tuppin’s name rings a bell but I can’t picture her either. Wouldn’t it be really lovely if we could organise a reunion at the church. I remember Rev Parkhurst, Rev Powell, Mr and Mrs Walsby, Mr Phillips (the yawning man from Barley Lane), the Walterstow family, the Aston family, Mrs Jenkins, Helen and Ron (who then died in the awful helicopter crash), Pauline Law (played the organ), Andrew Gray, Kenneth Holland and quite a few others. A reunion would be great. Best wishes. Wendy

  6. I am so sorry to hear about your parents Melanie. I will certainly pass on your best wishes next time I speak to mum and dad.

  7. Wendy. Remember your voice well, and accompanying you on the piano at old people’s home. Hahahaha
    Denise Lilly

  8. Hi wendy
    Not sure if you will remember me, a photo would help. I left school early, as my parents moved out the area, so I lost touch with everyone. I did keep in touch with Corrine Downes, who had a twin sister in another class, but have now lost touch with her. Dawn Parker, Sylvia O’neill and Carol Howe were a few I remember better. I went on a barge for a week with the school to Maldon, Essex, and now I only live 20 mins away at Burnham-on-Crouch, on the water if you look at the map. Would be nice to know where all the others are and what they are doing now.
    Best wishes – Linda

  9. Hi Linda.

    I am afraid I don’t remember you but I remember Corrine and Janine Downes, Kay Springate, Dawn, Sylvia etc. I was also on the Thalatta and remember it well. Did you also go on the Nevasa to Africa. I live near Bury St. Edmunds now. Bring on another school reunion I say.

  10. Hi Wendy,
    Yes I was on the Thalatta. I now live around the area we went to, which is nice on the water so we can have a nice walk and watch the boats. I did not know about the Africa trip. I left before you as I moved and had to go to another school for a term as I was still 1. It was a mixed school which was very strange and I did not like it at all. That seems a very long time ago now. I am a grandmother now to Beth, who is going to school in Sept, and Jack who is 3. They keep me very busy.
    Thank you for your reply

  11. Hi Wendy I remember you so well, we played the guitar on songs of praise, and had our guitar lessons at Redbridge Music School from Nigel Paterson! Would love to hear from you, and hope you are happy and well? Love Sharon xx

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