2003 Class of ’64 Reunion — 9 Comments

  1. L to R: Chris Parkhurst, Bob Summers, Dave Bryant, Brian Mead, Trevor Lewis & Phil Marshall.

  2. Hello, I remember you Brian Mead. You went to South Park Infants. Not sure I remember the names of the others though. I live in Dorset very close to Bournemouth and have passed the Connaught Hotel a few times. Hope you are well. Christine.

  3. Hi Christine, thank you for your kind message. I don’t want to disappoint you but I went to Altmore Avenue Infants School, miles away in East Ham. Later I went to Lathom Road, also in East Ham, and immediately before Mayfield was at Eastcourt Independent School in Goodmayes after mum and dad moved to Chadwell Heath in 1959.

    To cheer you up a bit though, you may not be so mistaken, I can tell you that when I was in the first year at Mayfield, there was another boy in the 5th year, and his name was Brian Mead. I suspect he would have been 4-5 years older than me. So that works out he would have been at infant school from 1947 – 1952. It may have been him that you knew, and that’s why you don’t know the others in this photo. Kind Regards, Brian Mead (2)

  4. Hello Brian, yes you may well be right. I distinctly remember the name but when I looked at your face wasn’t sure, but then we have all changed! I was at South Park from 55 to 60. Oh well nice to have had this chat. Take care. Christine

  5. Ah! I’ve got it! I’ve been racking my brain all afternoon. Brian Meeks was the guy. I got your name mixed up with his. Well, that’s that one solved. Christine

  6. Hi Christine, I’m well disappointed now, I was hoping it was me !!

  7. HaHaHa. Never mind Brian I’m sure you will live! 🙂 Have a really great day. Are you still working or retired? I have my own company, take a look: You never know when you might need us! But I hope not. I work every day of the week, have 75 staff so no chance of me retiring for a looong while yet. Keeps me out of mischief! 🙂

  8. I remember Brian Mead clearly, we were both in the Rugby Team. Did you live near Chadwell Heath Lane? I just looked at were I used to live on Google Street View and it looks terrible. All the gardens are paved over for parking. Our old house had a beautiful garden full of roses. I now live in sunny Salento and swim in the sea, walk the beach most days and garden. I have a garden with many of the roses we grew back home. I import roses from England for my garden. I love Italy, moved here 4 years ago and have never been back, never wanted to, I have managed everything online. My webpage is, to any who remember me take care, Peter Woods

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