2014 Class of ’64 Reunion — 11 Comments

  1. This was a great evening organised by Roy and held at the Bell Hotel in Epping. Very memorable and highly sociable.

  2. Roy, thanks very much for the evening, I only intended popping in and saying hello, but the old “grey-matter” got disturbed and memories came flooding back, so stayed the evening. To all those who’ve picked up this item, attend next year, it’s worth it. Wens afternoon now we’ve just got back from the wilds of Kent with our caravan, my brother John, a year above me came visiting and was most interested in the people who were at the reunion. Steve/Alan we’re at Buttercup meadow, Watchtower Lane, Bacton,B1150, from 24th July till 18th August. There’s a school on the bend, a lay-by, the gate entrance is in the lay-by. This site is just a field with a water tap and a disposal point for the toilet, so if you pop-in for a cuppa make sure you don’t need the toilet. Home now for 10 days, then down to Harmans Cross in Dorset, Haycraft site (toilets there), Ian if you fancy a cuppa, pop in. So to all those who missed the reunion, attend next year. Regards to all, Danny Lowry

  3. Hi Danny it was nice seeing you after all years (too many of them). Can I buy the tandem back? What dates are you at Harmans Cross.

  4. Ian, the tandem is now in Pensacola, Florida, I’ll give you my friends details if you want them!. We are at the Caravan Club, Haycrafts site, Haycrafts Lane, Swanage, BH19 3EB from the 8th June till 26th June. Look forward to seeing you if you can make it.
    All the best, Danny.

  5. I have replied to Danny’s posting by e-mail… just had a thought, does anyone know what happened to Bruce Thaine? I think that’s how you spelt his surname.

  6. Two mini-reunions by three of “64” at Bacton in Norfolk. Steve Marcar and Alan Thomson visited my caravan in the middle of nowhere and hope to do it again next year. If anyone else is in the area please make contact. Regards to all, Danny.

  7. Ian, Alan, Steve, we’re at Harmons Cross, Swanage, from 1st to 21st June and again at Buttercup Meadow, Bacton from 20th July 16th August 2015. Hope to see some of you again. Wishing you and your families a Very Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year. My wife Shirley and I are organising our Ladies Festival Night on May 2nd at Saxon Hall, Aviation Way, Southend. If anyone is interested please contact me.
    Kindest regards, Danny Lowry.
    ps: I’ve made contact with Suzanne Holz, 2 or 3 years younger that me, she now lives in Spain with her husband George.

  8. In the reunion pic, is that Scotty who worked for Coca cola part time while still at school? If so, do you remember me and Peter Colby, who I still am friends with and meet up. You were known as the second hardest boy after Sacket. I remember hitting you a couple of times in the face as I thought you were trying to break my neck, after that we were all right. Happy days.

  9. Hi Neil, yes that’s me. I remember both of you from those days. I live in Dorset now and work on a local estate (country not housing). Where are you these days, and what about Peter. Regards Ian

  10. Hello Ian, I have called Peter Colby to let him know you were asking after him. I am retired and live in Stanford-le-hope Essex, and Peter lives at Walton-on-the-Naze Essex. Dorset is a lovely part of the country I would love to live there, or Devon or Cornwall, but we love to see our three children every week. So, of course, if we moved away we would not see them that often. Regards Neil

  11. Anything regarding meeting up planned by you reprobates for this year. Hope all are well, down in Dorset again this August Ian, in the caravan, hope to see you or anyone else in the area. Alan & Steve we’re at Nut Tree farm N.Walsham and Happisbugh again in the wilds of Norfolk May June time.
    Regards to all, Danny.

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