2018 Class of ’64 Reunion (2) — 3 Comments

  1. As a couple of you have passed comment in the past, I’ve finally got my brother John to look at “Mayfield Memories”, I hope you pass comment bro. As for our mini-meet it was a great day, I’d met all three in the past couple of years, but Graham had not met Steve or Alan for many years. I think Alan’s grey matter got stirred when Steve arrived and he called him Graham!

  2. Hi – My name is Dave Milton. I left Mayfield in 1949 when my parents moved to Suffolk. Seems we have the same interests, caravaning and camping. Would be nice to hear from you.

    (David has added his name to the Boys School Pupil List for 1950)

  3. Hi all, Richard Waters has joined our little group and we’re hoping to meet up again in Norfolk in late May, emergencies excepted!.
    Kindest regards,

    Hi Danny – Do you mean Richard Walters? – Tony Gocke

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