2018 Class of ’64 Reunion (1) — 22 Comments

  1. All Old Mayfielders are welcome, even if you are not from the Class of ’64 (when most in our group left). Please leave a reply to this message if you intend to join us.

  2. I shall certainly try. But I live a long way from England now.

  3. Sadly because of prior engagement I will not be there. Hope you all enjoy the evening.

  4. Hi,
    I left early 1977 age 16, just wondering if anyone from my year and time at Mayfield Boys would be joining this extended reunion?
    Steve Brown

  5. Hi,
    I left in 1966. Just wondering the same as Steve above ?

  6. I may be in Cambodia around this time, but if not, will certainly make the effort to attend.

  7. I’m one of the REALLY old boys having left Mayfield in 1958. Would love to join you if I can, but may possibly be in the Greek Islands at that time. I’ll be with you in spirit and hope you have a great Reunion.

  8. Regret unable to attend the reunion on the 18 May 2018. Thank you for the invite. Laurie Kingston

  9. RE: Norman Rhodes comment/enquiry. I will be going (I was in your class at both Mayfield and Chadwell Heath primary). Did attend a previous gathering in Tunbridge Wells with the class of 64 and was made most welcome. Hope to see you in Bournemouth. Andrew Anderson.

  10. Hi Andrew and Norman

    If you guys are going then I will see if I can make it. Let me know

    Malcolm Staight

  11. I’m one of those “really old boys”, who really does not feel “really old” yet,(I left in 1958) but feels it’s just really too far to go to Bournemouth from Sth Oz! My Grandparents lived at Wimborne Minster,and after a week of holidays on the I.O.W. we would call in there and Bournemouth, in the early 50’s.
    Love to be there on the 18th May but my “Ozzie” family want me here on the next day, to say happy birthday to me ,on the 19th! Maybe I’ll become “really old” then? Have a really great time in Bournemouth.
    Peter Hoye.

  12. A reminder of our planned reunion on Friday May 18 2018 at 7.00pm in the ‘Goat and Tricycle’. Some of you, including me, have already booked a one night stay in the Connaught Hotel, where we all stayed 3 or 4 years ago. It is just up the road a bit. There are other hotels and right now there are rooms available in most. I would be pleased to hear from those who intend to go, please let me know so I can decide whether to bring extra for the whip round or not. Look forward to seeing you there.

  13. Just to confirm l will be attending the Bournemouth meet on the 18th May. Hopefully one or two others from my year (66) will also be there. Andrew Anderson

  14. I’ve deliberated over the possibility of joining this event since the original notification but sadly I shall be in Finland during all of May. I hope that many of the old class of 64 can turn up and make it a memorable reunion. Maybe next time.

  15. So many of you have sent apology notices to the website, just one has actually said ‘see you there’. If there is anyone else who intends to come, please let me know. In the meantime those who are in the UK have a pleasant Bank Holiday weekend, the weather forecast is good.

  16. Hi Brian

    I am hoping to attend but have not booked yet due to a chest infection which isn’t going away but am now on strong medication. If as I expect it will be cleared up I will attend as easy drive for me from home. I see Andrew has confirmed to be attending. It will be good to catch up with him.

  17. On Friday 18th May some Old Mayfield Boys from The Class of ’64 and thereabouts met up for a reunion in the lovely pub the Goat & Tricycle, Bournemouth for a splendid evening of chat, memories, great beer, superb food and wonderful reminiscences.

    Those present (L to R) were Andrew Anderson, Malcolme Stait, John Maloney, Trevor Lewis (who suggested this excellent venue) and Chris Parkhurst (who took the picture).

    Surprisingly, apart from Chris from Goodmayes, everyone else had lived in Brian Road, Chadwell Heath. Now Andrew lives in Worthing in Sussex, Malcolm in Egham in Surrey, John in Diss in Norfolk, Trevor in Bournemouth and Chris also in Sussex.

    We spent an hour chatting at the bar from 7pm getting to know each other again after which we took our table for a really good meal, each of us having chosen something different from the varied menu. We stayed until closing time, of course!

    Although it is now over 50 years since we all left Mayfield we all had some great stories about our time in the 1960s. Whether we will try and arrange another reunion is an open question. But if this proves to be the last “Class of ’64” our reunions have all proved to be well worth arranging and totally enjoyable.

  18. Happy New year to you all. Has anyone thought about arranging a “meet” for 2019. Graham Crook, Alan Thomson, Steve Marcar and my self are meeting again up in Norfolk again in May/June time. So if anyone else is interested, watch this space for date and venue. It’ll be in the North Walsham/Happisburgh area.
    ps – Graham, still laughing about Vic and I being kicked out of the dressing room when Frank arrived!

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