2018 Fifth Form Class of ’78 Reunion — 1 Comment

  1. On the 18 May, Elaine Ponter and myself went back to the school and we were shown around by the headmaster Mr Bull. To say it has changed is an understatement. Although both our children went to the school, the change in the last 12 years is amazing. Dorothy Watkins actually interviewed Mr Bull for his position as Sports Instructor in 1985. She then retired shortly afterwards and Mr Bull thinks that she is still alive.

    Ladies in attendance at the reunion:
    Elaine Tree, Elaine Ponter, Julie Cooper, Maria Landy, Tracey O’Brien, Angela Robinson, Jacquie Rozee, Denise Tilbrook, Susan Hockley, Lynn Gaitely, Liz Wallace, Mandy Bolton, Cheryl Williams, Jodie King, Kerry Newell, Sue Derbyshire, Sue Matthews, Christine Cottrell, Tracey Ellis, Jennifer Abrahams. Julie Chisholm. Julie Dear. Jan Mooney, Jill Hodgson, Melanie Williams, Lita McConnell, Charmaine Hodge, Catherine Anderson, Michelle Powditch, Denise Turner, Karen Ash, Caron Nichols, Cherry Gallivan, Lynn Adams, Amanda Brown, Jackie Simmons, Clare McCarthy, Debbie West, Julie Greenspan, Sherrie Downes, Jane Wallen, Sharon Hill and Susan Boyce.
    2008 Reunion

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