1967 Barry Askew R.I.P. — 3 Comments

  1. Hi John Addis. Only just found this site, sorry to hear about Barry Askew. Remember you both well in our class you always were close. Don’t know if you remember me from the 60s. I am not in touch with anyone from those days, left in 1967. Hope you are well speak again I hope.

  2. Hey Paul…of course I remember you, your name has come up during some of our reunions. Barry had MS and had a very aggressive strain. I’d go down to Southampton with Steve(nson), Ken Garrad, Pete Heed, and my Dad to see him when he was up to it. It was a release when he passed away but of course very sad. Apart from Steve, Ken and Pete, Paul Sutton, Wags Ray Windall Dave Boosey and Geoff Carter (Beal) turn up at our reunions, only a drink and chat in a pub on the A12 at Boreham, be nice to see you at one! Will be in touch, regards John

  3. Hi John thanks for the reply. There’s some names from the past, would be great to meet up with all the old faces. I live in Stratford next to the Olympic Park so travel access is no problem by train if there is a station nearby. Prefer that than drive and have a drink or it’s a glass of coke. I’m now retired so there is no problem with dates unless I’m on holiday which I do like quite often to get away from the cold weather. Look forward from hearing from you, best wishes Paul.

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