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  1. I was one of Audrey’s pupil’s at Mayfield Secondary School 1956-1961. She was truly one of those inspirational teachers. She took endless time and patience with me, and fostered my love of books, and theatre. I went with her on many, many theatre outings, one being to the Aldwych theatre to see the Japanese puppet theatre, followed by supper back at her tiny flat. For years I have thought about her and wondered how she fared. I truly loved and respected her. I have stumbled on this website doing research for my granddaughter. How sad. Best wishes.
    Ros McTaggart. 14th March 2012.

  2. She really inspired me the only person that I knew who taught me to love Shakespeare… and to love poetry… Sleep safe, Audrey x
    Lynne T Murphy

  3. I was a pupil of Miss Nicholson’s (as I fondly remember her) at Erkenwald Comprehensive and she was a truly inspirational teacher and I’ve never forgetten her. I recall a trip to the Open Air Theatre to see a Midsummer Nights Dream and many other happy memories of being taught by her during those years.
    Sharon Quick

  4. I have such vivid memories of Miss Nicholson. I remember being in awe of her. I remember her love of the classics and her instilling in me a certain amount of that love. To this day (39 years later) I love and re-read Silas Marner. I will always associate the story with Miss Nicholson. To be in her class and to listen to her teaching – was a wonderful experience that, at the time, I did not appreciate. Thank you Miss Nicholson – I will never ever forget you.
    Ann Collins

  5. I also have vivid memories of Miss Nicholson. She loved and was so enthusiastic about her subject and was able to instill that same love and enthusiasm in her pupils. It was a wonderful experience to be taught by her, an experience you probably don’t appreciate until later. I remember we did Macbeth I think 3 times and the third time was for our GCE’s! So we had a pretty good chance of getting the questions right! Thanks Miss Nicholson.

  6. I was lucky enough to teach at Erkenwald alongside Audrey, and benefit from her kindness, her wisdom and her sense of humour. She often invited us to her tiny flat where we would be regaled with poetry, gossip about poetry and showered with pamphlets, about… poetry. As a very junior member of staff I held her in great esteem, and even now many of her ex pupils on Facebook remember her with affection.

  7. I was a student at Erkenward in the 1980s and she was my English teacher and one of the best teachers I ever had. She praised my work and encouraged me to write which I did. When I left school I wrote to her up until she died. Sadly I lost her letters when I moved house. I will always remember her.

  8. I was taught by miss Nicholson at Erkenwald in the 80’s, she was firm but fair, unlike some of the other teachers. I liked that about her and she really new her stuff. She was a lovely teacher, I will always remember she called me a nitty notty clotty lotty, not really sure exactly what she meant at the time, but I will never forget it. She was probably saying I was a bit silly, but that’s ok. Such a sad loss, great lady, r.i.p Miss Nicholson.

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