Found friends are highlighted


Roy Bacon – Sought by Stephen Rabin
David Barnes – Sought by David Braham
Paul Barret – Sought by Andrew Michael
Alan Blagden – Sought by Andrew Michael
Simon Bliss – Sought by Wendy Garnham
Maurice Bloomburg – Sought by Kenneth Pagett
Robert Blunden – Sought by David R. Walker

Allan Booth – Sought by Trevor Burr
Brian Bowman – Sought by Derek Howe
Alan Braidford – Sought by Dereck Shaw
Malcolm Brain – Sought by Dereck Shaw
George Brown – Sought by Michael Swash
Trevor Burr – Sought by Allan Booth
Ken Butler – Sought by Stephen Rabin
Stephen Butler – Sought by Andrew Clarke

Robert Caplehorn – Sought by Vince Horan
Barry Cavanagh – Sought by Stephen Rabin
Kenneth Chalk – Sought by Jane Day

Jonathon Chapman – Sought by Derek Shaw
Alan Clarke – Sought by Kenneth Goodbody
Martin Collis – Sought by Tony Atkinson
Philip Coleman – Sought by Trevor Stonham

Tom Cunningham – Sought by Bob Goddard

John Dunn – Sought by Andrew Michael
Micky Doolan – Sought by Peter Woods
Keith Drayson – Sought by Peter Samways
Victor Dunthorn – Sought by Vic Hemming

Peter Eyres – Sought by Richard Waugh

Ian Farr – Sought by Roger Crook
Laurie Fawsey – Sought by Ronald Oliver
John Ford – Sought by Sidney Dow

Geoffrey Gower – Sought by Laurie Kingston
Stephen Green – Sought by Steven Miller

Peter Hancock – Sought by Tony Atkinson
Roger Head – Sought by Tony Atkinson

Richard Humphries – Sought by Robert Thompson
David Hunt – Sought by Chris Stallard
Phil Hunt – Sought by Michael Thorne
Imtiaz Hussian – Sought by Khalid Mahmood


Peter Jakes – Sought by Yvonne Roper

Brian King – Sought by Tony Atkinson
Peter Kwak – Sought by Bob Goddard

John Lemon – Sought by Bob Goddard
Alex Lewis – Sought by Sidney Dow
Gordon Linzey – Sought by Robert Mumford
Bobby Low – Sought by Eric Roseman

Bernard Merry – Sought by Tony Atkinson
David Morton – Sought by Mike Wiseman

Ian McGowan – Sought by David Bryant
John McGowan – Sought by David Bryant



George Page – Sought by Richard Hewes

Billy Parsons – Sought by Derek Howe
Bobby Pead – Sought by Roy Wright
Robert Pearson – Sought by Michael Thorne
Michael Pettit – Sought by Norman Rhodes
John Pickering – Sought by Danny Lowry


John Read – Sought by Christopher Schneider
Peter Read – Sought by Derek Shaw
Philip Rickets – Sought by Derek Shaw
Graham Ritchie – Sought by Norman Rhodes
Martin Rolfe – Sought by Andrew Michael
John Rolly – Sought by Barry Nutall

John Scanes – Sought by Andrew Clarke
Gary Scott – Sought by Andrew Michael
Martin Sheriden – Sought by Andrew Michael
Gerald Slann – Sought by George Buckle
David Smith – Sought by Derek Shaw
Simon Smith – Sought by Mike Walker

Len Thornton – Sought by Derrick Mumford
Simon Twohig – Sought by Derek Shaw



Roger Wade – Sought by Derek Howe
Steve Wade – Sought by Derek Howe
John Watkins – Sought by Barry MacLennan
Frank Watts – Sought by Ken Butler
Terry Webb – Sought by Vic Hemming
Peter Welch – Sought by Lionel McKay

Terry Westall – Sought by Ronald Osborne
Ian Wheeler – Sought by Clive Sargent
Eric Winters – Sought by Harry Valentine
David Withers – Sought by Robert Thompson





Boys School Lost Friends — 25 Comments

  1. Lost friends. Peter Hancock, Martin Collis, Brian King and Bernard Merry.

  2. I have at long last made contact with John Scanes, although this happened through Facebook and not through the Mayfield Memories website. However, John is now aware of and visited the MM website and will soon be in contact with John Burchell whom we were both at Mayfield with.

  3. I think Bernard Merry, from Chadwell Heath, moved to Norfolk. He lived in Manor Road or Hall Road in Chadwell Heath.

  4. He has moved to Norfolk. He lived in Hall Road, opposite me.

  5. Derek Shaw, are you wishing to get in touch with Alan Braidford (you have Bradford) my brother. I was going through the pages of the girls and boys school, and came across the listing. I leave my contact information as I have spoken to Alan.

  6. Definitely. We were good friends. Not been in touch for years. You used to live opposite Goodmayes Park. I now live near Gants Hill station. Give him my number xxxxxxxxxxx. (Phone number forwarded by email – TG)

  7. Hi all. Looking for school friends from about 1972 to 1974 at Mayfield Boys School.

  8. Would like to get in touch with Michael Harris who went to Israel in 1967

  9. Tony please forward my email address to Robin Froumin.

  10. Seemed to have lost all contact with Peter Cardew for last 2 years.

    Me too, Laurie – Tony Gocke

  11. Kenneth Pagett is looking for “Maurice Bloomburg”. However I think the spelling should have been Maurice Bloomberg. Last I knew, Maurice and wife moved from Highbury Gardens to Romford many years ago. Maurice is a first cousin and I stayed with the family for a few days when I visited from Australia. Nice family indeed.

  12. re Kenneth Pagett.
    Very interested to learn if you made contact with Mourice Bloomberg.

  13. I left Mayfield boys in 1962 from form 5E1, Mr. Iveys class. I remember well Roger Turner and Dave Harman, and it would be great to hear from other lads in that esteemed group.

  14. I left in 1971. Had Mr Ivey for Maths and Mr Bradley for English. Worked at Ford’s from 1971 until 1982. I then went into teaching for 29 years. I am still at the school, as their DT technician, at the age of 67.

  15. Trying to get in touch with KENNETH GARRAD and PAUL SUTTON. I have a photo of our school camp in Angelsey when we were about 11 years old.

  16. Hi Ron
    I spoke to Paul on the phone about 5 years ago he was living in Maldon and worked in insurance. I dont have a phone number for him but I hope this helps you to track him down. If you do let me know via this site.
    Malcolm Staight

  17. Hi Laurie,
    I don’t know if you remember me but I was in your class (4C) when we left Mayfield in 1953. I use to live very near Geoffrey Gower and bumped into him a few times many years ago soon after we left school. Although I cannot be sure, I think I heard that he died when he was quite young.

  18. Re: Stephen Rabin. Re: Kenneth Pagett searching for Maurice Bloomberg. Thank you for the information Stephen about your cousin Maurice. I last met Maurice about 35 years ago during a visit to England, at that time he was still living in Highbury Gardens. I left England about 50 years ago and although I now know that he lives in Romford, I can’t find his address or telephone number anywhere – and that despite Internet! I now live in a small market town in Swabia in Bavaria, South Germany. Thanks once again for your help Stephen, I shall continue my search in the hope of finding him. Very best wishes to you and your family.

  19. Looking for Michael J Callaghan, not sure if he went to Mayfield, but would have been around 1965-7.
    If any one has any information I would be greatful.

  20. I was at the boys school from 1955 to 1959, contact with any old friends would be great.

  21. Hi Barry,

    I attended Mayfield during those years. As with time, I cannot recall your name.

  22. I am an ex student of Mayfield High School, 1952 to 1957. Would like to make contact with any students from the 5th Form 1957.

  23. I attended Mayfield boys until 1973. Having lived in Chadwell Heath I remember great times in the forth year. Common room set up on the playing field and having a maths teacher we called Bouncer as he always pushed up on his feet while teaching. An english teacher from wales called Mr Davies and even being taken to the pub by some trainee teachers, buying me a half of larger. GREAT TIMES. I remember Wilbert Greaves, a great runner and hurdler. Good to hear how well he did in the sport. I also remember his mate Dornal who we called doorknob. I remember Wilbert Greaves, a great runner and hurdler good to hear how well he did in the sport. I also remember his mate Dornal who we called doorknob.

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