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Back to school with Mayfield

Ronald Green (Dec’d)
John Heseltine (Dec’d)
Jerry Woolcot (Dec’d)

David Marsters (Dec’d)

Eric Roseman
Harry Verlander (Dec’d)

Derek Mumford (Dec’d)

George Calcutt (Dec’d)

Frank Cross

John Mumford (Dec’d)

Kenny Ball (Dec’d)

Ron Osborne
Gerald Wright (Dec’d)

Peter Bristow
Ronnie Gramlick

George Buckle

Ronald Osborne (Dec’d)
Eric Patterson

Norman Drane (Dec’d)

Allan Clark

Alan Cherry (Dec’d)

Bob Mumford
Roy Wright
Les Tyler

Colin Bantick (Dec’d)
Royston Bolton (Dec’d)
Victor Charman

Brian Moore

Bob Byrnes
David Milton (Left 1949)

Tony Scuse (Dec’d)

David Ball

Roy Barker (Dec’d)
Peter Clarke
Bob Goddard
Brian Hannay

Lionel McKay
Ron Patten
Maurice Russell
James Smethurst
Peter Smith (Dec’d)
Brian Thornton

Leslie Waters (Dec’d)
Ken Woodmansee

Robert Bell

Alan Belsham (Dec’d)
Brian Bond
Terry Day
Michael Frost (left 1949)
Geoffrey Melbourne
Percy Pollard
Brian Skingley (Dec’d)

George Baldry (Dec’d)
Ernie Barrett
Leonard Brooks
Tony Burrow (Dec’d)
Edward Butler (Left 1951)
Peter Cardew
Derek Etherington (Dec’d)
Tony Gocke
Roy Goulden
Roy Hale
David Heather
Laurie Kingston
Graham Laurie
Michael Mumford (Dec’d)
Jim Penn (Dec’d)
John Popplewell
Terry Power
Colin Price (Dec’d)
Harry Valentine
Ron White
Paul Wiltshire
Mike Wiseman
Richard Woodhouse

Kenneth Beedell

Alan Bunting
Keith Corse (Dec’d)
Brian Hill
Terence Murphy
Christopher Schneider
Patrick Snow

Robert Towler (Dec’d)

David Avery

Charlie Barwell
Terry Brown (Left 1953)

Tony Cancel (Dec’d)
David Clark
Bill Cross
John Fitz-Patrick
Eddie Gramlick
George Grimes
Derek Lamb
Jimmy Sears
Allan Shrimpton (Dec’d)
Jim Webster (Dec’d)
David Whiting
David Woodmansee

John Binns

Bob Boxer
Martyn Denne (Dec’d)
Malcolm Miller
John Rankin
Peter Samways
Arthur Stroud
Richard Thomas
Terry Thompson (Dec’d)
Chas Watts

Leslie Clark

Mike Doolan
Michael Dunn
Peter Gibson
John Hillier

Mike Johnson
Roy Malin
Tony Mayes
Peter Murdoch
Michael Penn
Dennis Quantrill
Brian Silverton

David Verlander

Ben Bentley

David Clayton
Anthony Dowell
Barry Eaton
Kenneth Goodbody (Left 1956)
Edwin Harradence
Peter Hoye
George Hunt (Left 1955)
Mike Kneller
Neil Kracke (Dec’d)

Norman Lombard (Dec’d)
Paul Norrington
John Poole
Roger Sears
Barry Smedley
David Willats

Colin Baker

Peter Barnett
Roger Barnett
Peter Binns
Terry Bromage (Dec’d)
John Butler (Dec’d)
Peter Cawthorn (Dec’d)
Peter Dawson
Brian Docking
Sidney Dow
Malcolm Filmer
Trevor Gladding
Barry Kneller

Mick Popplewell
Peter Robinson
Ron Sewell
David R Walker
Peter Woods
Barry Young



Boys School Pupils Who Left 1939 to 1959 — 23 Comments

  1. Hello, my name is Ann Reynolds nee Bristow. My father, Peter Bristow attended Mayfield School from 1941 – 1945 (he thinks). I would love to find people who knew him.

    Hi Ann. I have added Peter’s name to the Boys School Pupil List for 1945 in the hope that someone from that era may remember him. – Tony Gocke

  2. Peter Bristow has added his name to the 1945 Pupil List.

  3. I left Mayfield at Easter 1953. I remember lots of names from 1953 and adjacent years. How many of you remember me?

  4. Victor Maddern, major actor, and Albert Bernard were at Mayfield Boys School when the school was evacuated during the last world war. Do you have any information on the school and pupils during that time?

  5. Victor Maddern did not, I’m afraid, attend Mayfield Boys School. I made the same mistake when I started the Mayfield Memories website. He attended Beal Grammar School. I have not been able to find any references to Albert Bernard.

  6. The vicar of St Pauls church in Barley Lane, Father Smith used to know Victor Maddern and use to get him to open the annual church bazzar in the hall.

  7. Brian Bond has added his name to the 1952 Pupil List.

  8. Nice to still hear from pupils of my era (left ‘53 ). I wish all whose still with us, every day a healthy one. Just had all clear from bladder cancer last year so every day now a bonus. Good luck from Mike Wiseman.

  9. Hello Tony,
    I am writing to let you know that my husband, Peter Smith who left Mayfield in 1951, passed away on 14 April this year (2018). He died of cancer aged 82. Could you therefore take him off the emailing list. Thank you.
    Regards – Molly Smith

  10. Just came across this site (wasn’t looking for it). I cannot recall the exact years just approx 1948/1951. I recall that I went on the school holiday to Wilderswil, Switzerland, in 1949. Some class mate names, Ken Apted, Ian Thornton, Neil Brown and Peter Smith. Can also recall Mr Ivey, Mr Hicks (Charles Frederick William) Mr Marriott (woodwork) Mr Saunders (metal work) and Mr Wade (Camera Club, of which I was secretary).

    Welcome to Mayfield Memories, Brian. You were a couple of years ahead of me but I remember your name. I have added your name to the Boys School Pupil List for 1951. – Tony Gocke (Left Mayfield 1953)

  11. I can recall teachers Messrs Ivey, Hicks, Saunders, Aston, and Marriot. I was at Mayfield from 1947 to 1950 and can remember three boys names; Wally Flanagan, Bobby Fenton and Brian Skingley, alas can’t remember any others off hand. Two girls I remember as well are Madeline Bishop, and Pat Stanley.

    You are currently listed as leaving in 1953, John, which seems to be in tune with the pupils you remember – Tony Gocke

  12. Referring to earlier discussion on this page Jackie says: ‘Victor Maddern’s mum lived in Mayesbrook Road.’

  13. I was a pupil in 1953. I remember the headmaster at the time was Mr Hicks. The reason I remember him well because of the times I went to his office for the cane.
    Ah happy days 😁

    If you confirm that 1953 was the year you left, Brian, I’ll add you to the Pupil List. – Tony Gocke

    No Tony, 1953 was when I arrived.

    OK, I’ll add you to the 1957 list. – Tony

  14. I am still about. I remember going to Switzerland with the school and remember Mr Hicks, Mr Ivey and Woodwork Teacher, Mr Marriott. I ended up working with wood all my life. Being in the Essex Regiment going to Honk Kong, Korea and Japan, and now Southend on Sea. Old Member Brian.

  15. My name is Eric Coale. I think I was at Mayfield between 1954-58. I went to William Talbot Juniors. I can remember Mr Hicks. I met my future wife, who also went to Mayfield Girls. Does anyone remember me as my memory is not good. Anyone have photo? I left and joined Plessey.
    Regards – Eric

    Hi Eric. You are already listed on Mayfield Memories as having left in 1961 – Tony Gocke

  16. Does anyone recall the terrible dirge made by Mayfield Boys Choir when we performed at Ilford Town Hall in the early 1950s? The so called musical piece was take from the Henry Longfellow poem “The Windmill” and conducted by Mr Heaster. I am now nearly 80 years old but still remember my part with much embarrassment.

  17. Just been reminded of the site by probably my oldest friend who now lives in Gozo. We were both Mayfield boys he was a year older I left in 1960/61 at 14 as my birthday is mid-December and back then you could leave at Christmas or summer.

  18. I am writing to report the sad loss of my brothers. Derrick Mumford died in Australia on the 3rd August 2020 age 93. He left Mayfield in 1940. Also Michael Mumford who died on the 9th December 2020 age 82. He left Mayfield in 1953. These deaths have been a blow to me and I am now the only one of the four of us left.
    Robert (Bob) Mumford left 1948.

    I was so sorry to receive your news, Bob. Michael and I were classmates for four years at Mayfield. – Tony Gocke

  19. I fist went to Chadwell Primary School in 1947 then in 1952 went to Mayfield Boys school and left in 1957 to take up an Engineering Apprenticeship with Plessey Ilford. Some good times at Mayfield. Mr Cutting, Science teacher, was brilliant and Mr Hicks Headmaster was very fair. I always remember the Dentist next door and Hollocks the sweet shop near the school.

  20. Does anybody remember going to Heidelberge Germany with Mayfield Boys School in 1957 ish ?

  21. Hi John
    Another name and a blast from the past. You and I lived around the corner from each other. If you want to contact me leave a message on my blog. (Boys school posts 1950s. 1958. I think it’s page 4). If you read through the various reply’s you will see that you are in fact mentioned a couple of times. Hope to hear from you.
    Barry Eaton

    Click HERE to view Barry’s Blog Post – Tony Gocke

  22. My name is Barry Young and I left in 1959. I remember many of the teachers and revisited the school in the 70s and was pleased to find our great English teacher Mr Bradley was headmaster. One of my fellow pupils John Armitt has stayed my friend since those school days. I would love to hear from other classmates.

    Hi Barry – Your name has been added to the Pupil list.
    Tony Gocke