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Donald Anglish

David Ash
Kevin Bantick
Colin Bone

Gerry Bremner
Glyn Brotherston
Keith Houlder
Melvin Jessup
Alan Jones
Hugh Langford
Richard Marcar
Keith McKinzie
Peter Morl
Philip Mortimer
Kevin Owen
Graham Pumfrett

Robert Rennie
Bryan Simpson
David Smith
Michael Smith
Peter Stocks

Adrian Wood

Les Andrews

Joseph Arendse (Dec’d)
Eamonn Burnell
David Cole
Mick Crump (Dec’d)
Graham Dean
Raymond Delve
John Demeger
Adrian Eve

Mark Fenn
Richard Floyd
Simon Fox

Mark Hoad
Stephen Holland
Derek Howe
Vince Jennings
Richard Jones
Martin Jukes

Alan New,
John Pointer
Mark Put
Charlie Stubbings
Nigel Summers

Graham Thompson
Kim Wiltshire

Colin Bear
Roger Beecham

Chris Brewerton
Bradley Chapman
Andrew Chappell
Phil Collins (Left 1969)
Steve Cross
Richard Denny
Ed Denyer
Michael Dunn
Gordon Flemons
Vince Horan

Ian Jaeger
David Lane
Philip Merison
Peter Moore
Ian Osborne
John Price
Les Ridd

Rod Rudland
Ken Scott
Darryl Squibb
Peter Temperley
Ian Watkins
Robin Wilson

Mike Adams

Neil Bartlett
Robert Blyth

Allan Booth
Trevor Burr
Keith Butler
Gary Cardnell
Geoff Clements
Calvin Coughlan

Paul Ebsworth
Mick Finch
Wilbert Greaves
Kevin Jackson
John Lovelock
Tony Morris
Dave Reynolds
Peter Scrivener
Martin Shaw
Vince Towler
Craig Wallace
Peter Warren

Martin Atherton
Dale Crouch
Andrew Delve

Richard Easter
Phil Heudebourck
Michael Michael
Paul Mosely
Paul Pledger
John Prester

Mark Watson
Gary Webb
Donald Wilson
John Window

Chris Barnes
Ian Bremer

Ted Cottrell
Steve Cowan
Les Cummings
Lee Hyams

Gary Jago
Brendan O’Mahony

Russell Phillips
Steve Price
Ian Sheill
Michael Sidey
Karl Sims
Robert Terry
David Torrington
Glen Venus
Andrew Wright

Alan Blagden

Lee Clark
John Dunn
Chris Jessener
Martin Joseph

Graham Knight
Egon Lewin

Khalid Mahmood
Andrew Michael
Geoff Neilly
Mark Potter
Don Roberts

Cliff Rushbrook
Clive Sargent
Brian Scott
Dereck Shaw
Chris Stallard
Mark Strutton
Ricky Surridge
Paul Turrell
Michael Walker
Andrew Walton
Dave Watts

Trevor White
Paul Winterford

Chester Alby
Terry Barnes
Nigel Brown
Richard Brown

Steven Brown
Paul Coates
Victor Cottrell
Mark Glinwood
Kevin Hudson

Andrew Jones
Andrew Morl
Alan Oakman
David Passfield

Gary Price
Peter Rumble
John Sandy
Danny Searle
Martin Shaw
Clifford Walton
Ian Walton

Mick Apps
Bernard Brennan
Tony Burrell

Neil Clarke
Tariq Chaudhry

Dean Eades
David Fairfax
Frances Finnerty
Paul Forrester
Scott Hyams
Steven Miller
Alan Riches
Paul Seaton

Paul Filmer
Paul French
Billy Rogers

Paul Simons

Ian Duncan
Barclay Hunt

Chris Bartley
Mark Passfield
Mark Towler

Kevin Bale
John Kenny
Sanjay Prabhakar
Andrew Walker (Dec’d)


Boys School Pupils Who Left 1970 to 1982 — 49 Comments

  1. Brendan O’Mahony has added his name to the 1975 Boys School Pupil List.

  2. Tariq Chaudhry has added his name to the 1978 Boys School Pupil List.

  3. Could you posthumously add Andrew Walker, who attended Mayfield with myself, to the class of 1982. Sadly, Andrew died in October 1982 in a road accident. He was only sixteen and very sadly missed.

  4. I am sure I’ve registered on this site, but any way, I should be in the 1970 llist. Thanks Mick smith

  5. Hi
    Can you please add me to the 1976 list. I Remember all the names on the list. Would be great to hear from any of the lads.

  6. Hi I’m Andy Michael, friends with John Dunn, Alan Blagden and Paul Barrett.

  7. Does anyone know Stephen Green, from West Wood Road, Seven Kings? He was in Mayfield around the same time I was, from 1975 onwards. I left in 1978 and lost track of a lot of old mates.

    (Steven has been added to the Pupil List for 1978)

  8. Hello, could you please add my name to your list. I attended Mayfield from 1974 to 77 until a few months after the amalgamation with the Gilbert Miles Secondary school. After that I moved to Sunderland and then New York so I’m not sure whether I should be entered as beginning in 74 and ending 77. In any event I have good memories, I met some great characters both pupils and teachers and had some great laughs.

    This website was recommended to me by a past pupil Frank Bennett 1974. It is laid out very well, I was particularly interested in the famous people who attended both the boys and the girls school. You might be interested in another famous person who attended Mayfield. His name is Michael Landy he became a famous Artist. Although I didn’t know him well, he was in the same year as me and even then at age 11 he was way ahead in art class so it wasn’t much of a surprise when he started appearing on tv shows years later. He he was only in Mayfield for a year though from 74 to 75. I’ve posted a couple links in case you want to add him to your famous past pupils gallery.

  9. Could you add me to your 1979 list please.

    Kind regards
    Billy Rogers.

  10. I was at Mayfield School between 1975-1978 when I moved to St Albans Hertfordshire. Some good memories of the School. I remember both Alan Riches and Mark Passfield who were in my year group.

  11. Can anyone help me out? I can’t remember the name of one of the Art Teachers. He was a Scott, possibly from Glasgow. He was a good laugh now and again. He was in Mayfield from around 74+.

  12. Could you add me please, I left mayfield in 1980.

  13. Please can you re-add my name to your list, I was at Mayfield Boys School between 1975-1978.

    That’s done, Paul – Tony Gocke

  14. I was talking to another former pupil recently about one of the teachers Mr Huxley. He was such a good teacher who took his job as science teacher seriously and made a difficult subject interesting for a thick like me. He was teaching science when I arrived during the 70’s. Does anyone know if he’s still teaching? I suppose he would be retired by now. If anyone knows anything please post.

    (I have added Mr Huxley to the Boys School Teachers List. Click HERE to view – Tony Gocke)

  15. Could you add me to your 1977 list. I left the old Mayfield School in 77.

  16. I did 1974 to 1977 in old Mayfield then the Gilbert miles move, leaving in 1979. It was a good school and we had a great footbal team. Mr Ashford and Mr Lynch being the PE teachers. I lost touch with everyone very quickly.

  17. I am trying to get in contact with Andrew Wright who went to school with my husband Colin Parker.

  18. Did Colin Parker as a child live in Hall Road Chadwell Heath by any chance?

  19. To Tony Atkinson. My husband Colin Parker lived in Hall Road, Chadwell Heath.

  20. I thought so Melanie. My mum used to look after him when his mum was, I think, at work. Mrs Atkinson at No 86. I sometimes played train with him when I was at home. Regards Tony.

  21. Oh that’s nice. I lived not far from him at no 60 Chadwell Heath Lane. We only had to cross the road to the shops. We got married in 1984 and have 4 sons.

  22. Hi Melanie, so nice to see your name on Mayfield Site. Hope all is well with you and your family. So many happy memories of Hall Road. John Popplewell

  23. Hi John. I didn’t think you’d remember me. I’m not sure if you were good friends with my dad and mum. Unfortunately my dad passed away in Oct 2007. Yes, we are doing ok. My husband and I are suffering ill health, and we have four boys. We moved to Woolwich in 1984. Everything has changed and I didn’t have happy memories of Hall Road. I hope you are well hope you will get in touch soon. From Mel.

  24. Hi Mel:
    Sorry for the delay in reaching out, the Mayfield message got chucked in my spam folder. I will send on my contact details by mail if you are at the same address.

  25. Hey Andy, yes I’m living at the same address. Sorry for the delay too, I lost your address. Got a lot to tell you, hope to hear from you soon, from Mel.

  26. Mel. Good to hear from you, have sent you my contact details by surface mail.

  27. Could you please add Michael Landy to your list. He left in 1976 and became a famous artist later on.

    I am afraid additions to the Pupil Lists can only be made by the person to be listed. – Tony Gocke

  28. So many great names and memories with many people.
    Please add my name to the list of 1977

  29. Please can you add my name to your list, I was at Mayfield Boys School between 1975-1978, with the last two years at Chadwell Heath High, 1980 leaver.

  30. Hi, please add my name to the 1977 list. I remember Neil Ashmore well as he used to like fishing over Mayesfield Park.

  31. I left the school in 1971; please add my name to the list
    Many thanks
    John Demeger
    NB a lovely website recently discovered

  32. I also have just found this site. I was at Mayfield 1966 to 1971. In the same class as John Demeger, who is shown above as a new member. Have not seen or heard of him since leaving school. Amazing.
    Please add to Pupil List

  33. Please add me to the list. I left 1971 and went to Redbridge College which I flunked!

  34. Could you please add me to your list please. I joined Mayfield in September 74 and left 1978.

  35. Hi, please add me to your 1981 list. I attended Mayfield Boys School from 1974 to 1977, moving to Mayfield High School (Upper Site) from 1977 when it became a comprehensive. I stayed on at Sixth Form, taking A-levels in Literature, History and Economics, leaving Mayfield High in 1981.
    I now live in Norwich.

  36. Please add me to 1970 list, thanks Graham Pumfrett

  37. Please add me to this list..

    Hi Sean, please confirm the year you left Mayfield – Tony Gocke

  38. Please add me, Ricky Surridge, got asked to leave in 1977. lol!

  39. Hi, please can you add me to the leavers of 1976. Thanks very much.

    You are already Listed, Don – Tony Gocke

  40. Hi, please add me to your list. I joined Mayfield in September 1974 and left around 1978

  41. I was both interested & pleased to see Mark Glinwood’s name appear, as I often think of a funny event that took-place on our achool-holiday to Germany, on the banks of the River Rhine, back in August 1973 – On that day, our teachers decreed that ALL the lads would play on the ‘crazy-golf’ course, situated opposite our Hotel & by the banks of the Rhine River.
    I got paired-off with Mark Glinwood & we went round the course, exchanging banter, with Mark pulling slightly ahead on points. As we got to the last & final-hole, Mark finished after 6-attempts, whilst I was still going at it, some 15 attempts later, with Mark laughing his head-off, clutching his ribs, laughing, as I got more & more annoyed at not finishing the final-hole, a conical obstacle that required a rather deft-chip, clearly a skill I didn’t then have, getting more & more angry at each attempt. Bad enough (as we walked back), that Mark was still taking the pi^^ laughing. Anyways, we got back to the hut & handed-back the ‘Golf-Sticks’ (clubs) – At this point this GIANT (nasty) German guy started bellowing at me, pointing to the club, again, with Mark.G “pi~~ing himself laughing” – This older German GIANT clearly had HIS face disfigured in the war (barely three-decades earlier, WW.II), and quite clearly DID NOT like the English – (Handley Page Halifaxes ring any bells ?) – Anyhow, this ugly German GIANT came out of the hut, to (try) to give ME “a clip round the ear” for (supposedly) bending his club !!!!
    At this point Mark.G shouted “Quick Kev, RUN”
    He grabbed my shoulder & we ran full-pelt, across the neighbouring main-road, past the Hotel & towards the Railway-line, that ran alongside the base of the cliff
    (again, with Mark roaring with laughter at my ‘near-miss’ with the WW.II German guy)
    I’d never seen someone laugh as much as Mark did that day (well, not during the 1970’s)
    Mark – Hope you get to read this & that YOU remember the (later) mass water-pistol “fight” that we had with Dave Watkins & the other lads on that trip (?)
    Tony – feel free to give Mark a jog (‘heads-up’), if you will.
    I’ve remarked on the Germany Aug’73 trip elsewhere on this site, a few years back.
    Good to see you kicking-about Mark – Cheers, Kev’.

  42. Hi Kevin

    I remember you well and the trip to Germany. However, I’m afraid my recall of the crazy golf incident isn’t as vivid as yours which obviously left its mark !

    Hope you’re well