197? Boys School Visit — 9 Comments

  1. I didn’t go on that trip, but can see a few faces I remember. Eleventh from the left my Brother Tim Fenn in pinky colour shirt. Next to him in check shirt Ian Shield. Fifth from the right standing behind boy in blue shirt, Howard Weeks, who passed away in 2011. Tenth from the right, head only, Alan Smith.
    Mark Fenn

  2. Hi Mark. I didnt go on the trip either but I think I may be able to add another face! I think the lad third from the right, in front of Howard, is Dave Smith. If it is, what a great taste in hats.

  3. Hi all, I know this sounds mad, I think I’m in the photo somewhere along with Greg Jones and possibly Philip Shield and Colin Wheeler, not sure though. I know I went to France around 1973/4ish, and the photo looks Very familiar. We Visited Monaco as well on the same trip if that jogs any memories.

  4. Pretty sure this group photo taken by Mr Cutting is the summer 1970 trip to Royan in the Bay of Biscay. You can see the tall figure of Mr Toms wearing sunglasses in the middle of the back row.

  5. Whilst I cannot equate that particular photo’ to anything I’m aware of, I can categorically state 100% that I went on my first ever ‘Continental’ (foreign) holiday via an organised week-long Mayfield coach trip in April 1973 …. to the South of France (French Riveiara).
    We stayed for the entire week at a small resort named St.Aygulf & during the week-long trip, visited St.Raphael, Monaco (all over), plus (what for me was THE highlight), the borderline section between France & Italy, very high-up in the Alpine range…
    (the coaches below looked smaller than ants, if standing & the overall view was so striking & memorable).
    Visiting the courtyard in Monaco was THE first time I’d ever seen ‘wild’ Lemon trees !
    BTW ; I’ve read the above posts – Greg Jones, Colin Wheeler & Reg’ Scott were all in my class.
    During the 1973 St.Aygulf trip, I shared a chalet with Grant Wallace & Mark Webb.
    Of a night-time you’d hear the chorus of thousands of Frogs… (amphibians, NOT locals !).
    Across the bay was an Aeronavale base & Breguet Alize (planes) skimmed over the rooftops.
    Plus it was the first time I’d ever seen several (noisy) flying Nord Noratlas & Super Frelon.
    Superb site (owned by Dutch), fabulous sea (Med’) & one cracking good holiday.
    Given what I know & remember (well), I’d be inclined to go along with Ken Scott’s impression, as it most certainly ISN’T taken during the April 1973 trip.
    P.S, there was ALSO a trip later that same year, in August 1973, to St.Goar, in Germany, on the River Rhein.

  6. I went on the St Goar trip, with Tim Cowan, Steve Hoye and Robert Hall. A memorable trip.

  7. I went on the St. Goar and the south of France trip, but not sure what year. Pretty sure it was 1973. I was in the same year as Colin wheeler, Pip Shield and Greg Jones. Wonder where they are now?

  8. I’m in the photo. Can’t remember whether it was 1972. This must have been taken in Bruges. We then went on to Heidelberg in Germany. From what I remember it was a 10 day holiday.

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